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Blackjacket Reactionary Guardsman
A Blackjacket standing at attention
Faction ReactionaryLogoThumb.png Reactionary Guard
Designation Anti-Infantry
Construction Time
Unit Type Infantry
Produced at Infantry Assignmentary
Ability Black Smoke Grenade
Additional Equipment Black smoke ignoring goggles
Heroic Upgrade Auto-Carbine and Gas Mask
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin Reactionary Guard Fleet
Trained at Guardsmen's Drill Camp
Key Features » MP18 SMG
» Black Smoke Grenades
» Black Flak Jacket
» Black smoke filtering goggles
» Eurasian styled Uniform (with pointy mongol helmet)

Tactical Analysis

  • It's the current gear: No proper Guard force could do without Blackjackets. Dispensers of the Guard's black smoke (which is partially responsible for the term), the Machine Pistol equipped Blackjacket is effective against infantry and moves very swiftly thanks to his or her cavorite belt, though they are both quite fragile and short ranged, in addition to lacking in penetrating power with their weapons. They are on the other hand, cheap and quick to build and have a dash of derring-do to close in the face of suppression.
  • Gas and laughs: The Blackjacket is most valuable because of their ability to cheaply plaster a battlefield with Black Smoke, a relatively innocuous chemical that while causing some minor nuisances to the health department, is capable of absorbing nearly all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, making it nearly impossible to see through while the Guard's own forces have a special lens that allows sight through the stuff.
  • Graves are the keystone of the reaction: Being relatively fragile and short-ranged with lackluster armor piercing abilities means that Blackjackets are not well suited for direct frontal assaults on frontal positions or for handling vehicles, especially vehicles with anti-infantry capabilities. In addition, man for man the Blackjacket suffers against most of his or her competition.
  • Praise the Lord, pass the ammunition: The most skilled and long-lived of Blackjackets get an upgrade, being handed gas masks to protect against dastardly chemical weapons (such as their own black smoke blowing the wrong way) in addition to getting their hands on Federov Avtomat mark 10 assault rifles that offer greater range and armor piercing abilities, giving them more punch against heavier infantry.


Rally to the King, rally to the Emperor!

-Motto of Blackjackets.

By its very nature, the Reactionary Guard is not a very socially mobile society. The Guard's ideology and raison d'être themselves get in the way of such a thing. For all the glamour of nobles floating around in fanciful airships and flying cities, someone's got to scrub the toilets and tend to jobs associated with serfs. If there are nobles, there should also be commoners. While the life of a commoner is certainly better than it used to be in the Victorian era, it's still not a life everyone is content with being stuck in from cradle to grave. But there is a chance for something better, the Armed Vanguard of the Reaction.

Here one can win money, titles, perhaps even a ship of their own. But before letting thoughts of glory delude them, these young men and women sign up for jobs in the Vanguard, seeking a better life in the primary form of opportunity that can be found in the Reactionary Guard. To say that there is an ample supply of recruits is an understatement, the Blackjackets are a very numerous force thanks in part to the attitudes towards family size in the Guard and their excellent healthcare ensuring that outright death is not quite as certain in other armies.

Thus the Blackjackets are equipped cheaply, with the iconic black flak jacket in addition to the rest of their uniforms, goggles to keep debris out of their eyes while working the exterior of ships and see through their iconic smoke, bandannas to help with breathing cold air or black smoke, bayonets and trench knives, grenades, and a submachine gun. The most expensive part of their equipment is most assuredly their cavorite node belts that reduce their weight and allow for substantially faster movement, letting them cross the field of battle at greater speeds than most other infantry. Overall, save for the addition of some armor in the form of the flak jacket and the retirement of the bolt-action carbine in favor of the submachine gun, the Blackjacket's equipment has changed relatively little since the 1910s.

Wherever the Guard deploys military force, the Blackjacket is sure to take part in military operations. And given the Guard's global dispersion and its ability to assemble its military on short notice and amass its forces, the Blackjacket can expect to fight just about anywhere, though they tend to be least happy about desert assignments due to the color of their uniforms; resulting in them purchasing hand portable fans and sweat cloths en masse whenever they go somewhere hot. For decades, the Blackjacket has proven to be a lynchpin of the Guard, and most who join the Blackjackets feel proud about their role in bringing back the Tsars, Kaisers, and Emperors of the world back to their rightful place in history. Generally, the best known Guard successes were ensuring that the Spanish king returned to power by throwing themselves into the Spanish Civil War when Franco's atrocities meant that most people would not so much as touch him, and restoring the German monarchy (albeit in a limited constitutional form) by convincing the Monarchists to marry themselves to the Restructurists.

The Guard was also instrumental in evacuating European royalty from Soviet armies, and continually harangues the Kremlin by claiming that the people's republics it set up are but illegitimate pretenders. The Kremlin answers back by decrying them as 'workers' oppressors, subverters of Eastern European nations preparing them for partition between old empires. The Blackjackets, for their part, lost a measure of good-will with the Allies by declaring that they support the Empire of the Rising Sun as a "shining monarchy" and taking up their fight by joining the Tokyo-Lagos Axis in WW3. Even less helping their case were massacring Polish in their attempt to restore the pre-WW1 borders of Eastern Europe, and fighting to the bitter end to try and defend Tokyo and northern Honshu from the forces of modernity.

Blackjackets also have another side to them, in that they're frequently seen in charities held by the Guard and rebuilding efforts meant to endear people to their ideals and values. Soldiers with baskets of food and coolers filled with drinks are seen going across devastated or impoverished areas giving handouts and offering toys to children. Their tendency to give candy out has often lead to them being called "chocolateers" by children around the world as they seek to make governments look bad by giving away the Guard's surplus while other nations have trouble providing for their own. While not quite as glorious as battle, these jobs are safe and are reported to improve the morale of blackjackets via giving them "warm and fuzzy feelings" as they help those who can't help themselves.

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