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Country of Origin  South Korea
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Tactical Overview

  • Aerobatic: The best fliers in the Empire of Korea, the Black Eagle squadron fly specially-modified and enhanced Hawker fighters capable of striking ground and aerial targets.
  • Specially Trained: Black Eagle fighters are especially harsh on maintenance and can only land at specialty airfields behind the lines. This means that each Black Eagle lost is a serious investment grounded.


South Korea has been in an uphill struggle for years to gain the recognition that all other stalwart nations against communism receive. Many in the Empire's court believe they are being shunted aside for the ongoing conflict in Vietnam, even when they're in the middle of a border conflict that could become a full-scale war again. Desperate to gain some ground with the Allied Nations, the Koreans have decided to order second-hand Model 32 Tengu fighters that would become a new symbol of the Korean nation. Locking the Tengus in jet mode, the Koreans added on two bombs to utilize against enemy vehicles. The best pilots were trained in the new air frame, and soon the unit was tested in the skies over the Korean DMZ.

During the border conflict post-WWIII, the 53rd Close Support Squadron was constantly engaged in conflict with Firefox squadrons from North Korea. At first the sheer number of North Korean fighters overwhelmed the Empire's forces, creating dozens of casualties in what was supposed to be the best fighter group in the Empire of Korea. Of course, the military bureaucracy had little to offer other than possibly choosing to go back to the Japanese designs to try and stem the flow. The pilots of the squadron couldn't believe that they would be seen as so poor that they would have to lose such a great system, and the squadron commander went to the mat to figure out how to revive his squadron before they were wiped out.

It was determined that despite the advancements made by the Empire with the Tengu, the lighter cannons on the "new" K-2 fighter weren't enough to take out the thicker armor of the Firefox except from taking the enemy from underneath. Not even imagining that the problem would be with the pilots and their training, the squadron CO looked into the airframe itself. The realization was that K-2 could become a more maneuverable airframe, a fast and hard-hitting system that could skip around the North Korean fighters like they were being flown like boxer Muhammad Ali. With the removal of all non-essential components that would only be used if the Tengus weren't locked into jet mode, the K-2 has become one of the most agile fighters in the air.

In further engagements again their Northern cousins, observers have seen this idea paying off in dividends. The heavily-armored Firefox has been utterly incapable of keeping up with the K-2, which thanks to the squadron's distinctive paint scheme has become known as the "Black Eagle" squadron. From below after action reports have become akin to descriptions of a mad aerial ballet. Many are already predicting that this could lead to something similar to the US Navy's Blue Angels once the Korean War finally ends.

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