Battle Bus

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Place of Origin Communes everywhere
Trained/Produced at Beatnik-sympathetic Meisterklasse factories
Key Features » 'Sunglow' engine
» 'Bullet Bouncers' Armor plates Binoculars
» Astronomy charts
» 'Aura' Indicator
» Onboard bookshelf filled w/ spiritual books

Tactical Analysis

  • A magic bus: Essentially an armor-plated van, the Battle Bus can carry four members of the Network anywhere on the field, unmolested thanks to the fact that it still looks like an ordinary van. It can also carry decent surveillance equipment to watch the enemy's movements.
  • What seems to be the problem officer: Unfortunately for the Network, the battle bus has no weapons on it's own, and has no way to effectively speed away from combat like other vehicles.


"It just shows that one can learn more wisdom and philosophy from "hippies" than the so-called mainstream media."

- The Third Eye, "The Real Meaning of Enlightenment"

There are some believers in alternate lifestyles too extreme for even the Confederacy. They believe that drugs should not only be allowed to be taken, it should be encouraged. Love is not merely something shared between friends and mankind, but sexuality as well. Children should grow up with many mothers and fathers, and animals treated as equals instead of pets and livestock. Even to the Confederates, some of these ideas were just too far out. Quickly these individuals and communes were shuffled off to the Network as quickly as possible so the Confederates could actually get some work done.

Part of a place where they could apparently belong, these groups brought with them their buses and vans and means of mobile living. The Third Eye allowed them in, informing them of the greater place of the Network in the world's struggle. They discussed the false dichotomies of "good" and "evil" spat out by the world's propaganda machines. There have been days-long debates over the place of the awakening human spirit in the world's future, even how men can finally awaken their spiritual core more rapidly. Eventually, the Third Eye made an overture; assist us in combating the forces that would hold man's enlightenment back, and we will find ways for you to live as you wish.

Though willing to help, these groups pointed out that for all their willingness to spread enlightenment, they were not going to do much of anything shot full of holes. The Third Eye calmed their fears, and gave them the names of the storm pursuers most experienced with up-armoring. Assisting, these amateur engineers found themselves debating the matter of the Gaia Hypothesis endlessly with the owners before finishing; unlike the storm pursuers' vehicles, the new "battle buses" were armored on the interior. They were capable of surviving a decent rain of small arms fire, though again heavier vehicles would easily punch through. To assist, the bullet-proof windows were given firing slits large enough to accommodate even the bazookas of the monster hunters. Cameras ringing the vehicle finished the modifications.

The drivers of the battle buses don't complain, since their passengers are yet more willing converts to their beliefs, at least in theory. Survivalists listen with rapt awe to how the world will eventually collide with Planet Nibiru in the Seventh Age of the House of Jupiter. UFO hunters speak of their "encounters" with angelic beings that seemed to open their eyes to realities that the drivers speak of constantly. Even the private eyes don't mind, since they're more than willing to speak about the strange stories they've found investigating certain churches that only validate the opinions the drivers hold about "organized religion man".

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