Atlantean Ascendancy

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The Serene Ascendancy of Atalatea
The Half-Submerged trident of Atlantis
Playstyle Amphibious Warfare
Faction Colour Cerulean
Type Quantum Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Though Gods they were
And as the elders of our time choose to remain blind
Let us rejoice and let us sing
And dance and ring in the new
Hail Atlantis!"

- "Atlantis", Donovan

At a Glance

Faction Color Cerulean
Playstyle Amphibious Warfare
Theatre of Operations Naval and Beachhead Operations
Strengths Full amphibious capabilities; High maneuverability; Good morale and discipline
Weaknesses Subpar range; Limited Airforce
Motives Religion, Supremacy, Humanitarianism
Basic Look Organic in nature, with significant basis on aquatic lifeforms (especially shells and coral) and elements of the Italian renaissance, the Byzantines, fantasy High Elves, and Minoa/Mycenea.

Diplomatic Relations

Atlantean Ascendancy Diplomatic Relations
AlliedLogoThumb.png Allied Nations IconMixed.png Mixed EmiratesLogoThumb.png African League IconFriendly.png Friendly AtlanteanLogoThumb.png Atlantean Ascendancy N/A
ConfederateLogoThumb.png Confederate Revolutionaries IconFriendly.png Friendly CombineLogoThumb.png Technocratic Combine IconNeutral.png Neutral ConcordiatLogoThumb.png Unification Concordiat IconUnknown.png Unknown
SovietLogoThumb.png Soviet Union IconMixed.png Mixed IndustryLogoThumb.png Industrial Guild IconHostile.png Hostile FylkirateLogoThumb.png Norse Fylkirate IconAlliance.png Alliance
EmpireLogoThumb.png Empire of the Rising Sun IconPeace.png Peace ContingentLogoThumb.png Southern Contingent IconFriendly.png Friendly IPDILogoThumb.png Indo-Pacific Defense Initiative IconFriendly.png Friendly
TalonLogoThumb.png Order of the Talon IconUnknown.png Unknown UnionistLogoThumb.png American Unionists IconHostile.png Hostile PangaeanLogoThumb.png Pangaean Generation IconFriendly.png Friendly
GreenChinaLogoThumb.png Atomic Kingdom of China IconAntithesis.png Antithesis CommonwealthLogoThumb.png Greater Indian Commonwealth IconHostile.png Hostile ReactionaryLogoThumb.png Reactionary Guard IconPeace.png Peace
SyndicateLogoThumb.png Mediterranean Syndicate IconWar.png War FederationLogoThumb.png Cybernetic Federation IconNeutral.png Neutral ConclaveLogoThumb.png Enlightened Conclave IconAlliance.png Alliance
ProtectorateLogoThumb.png Electrical Protectorate IconUnknown.png Unknown EcumeneLogoThumb.png Ukrazol Ecumene IconUnknown.png Unknown KumunLogoThumb.png Kumun Hegemony IconHostile.png Hostile
ARVNLogoThumb.png Army of the Republic of Vietnam IconWar.png War PahitLogoThumb.png Pahit Dictatoriat IconHostile.png Hostile NorthKoreaLogoThumb.png Korean People's Army IconNeutral.png Neutral
ReserveLogoThumb.png Allied Reservists IconMixed.png Mixed MigrationLogoThumb.png Mongolian Migration IconUnknown.png Unknown SouthKoreaLogoThumb.png EoK Penal Divisions IconFriendly.png Friendly
BlueChinaLogoThumb.png National Revolutionary Army IconHostile.png Hostile InkarriLogoThumb.png Inkarri Theocracy IconAlliance.png Alliance DarkwaterLogoThumb.png Darkwater Industries IconFriendly.png Friendly
RedChinaLogoThumb.png Communist China IconHostile.png Hostile MIRLogoThumb.png Movement for International Revolution IconNeutral.png Neutral CorsairsLogoThumb.png Dread Corsairs IconWar.png War
VietcongLogoThumb.png Vietcong IconNeutral.png Neutral NetworkLogoThumb.png Network of Truth Seekers IconMixed.png Mixed BalkanLogoThumb.png Balkan Rebellion IconMixed.png Mixed
GLALogoThumb.png Global Liberation Army IconWar.png War PhoenixLogoThumb.png Phoenix Front IconFriendly.png Friendly KatipunanLogo.png Katipunan IconNeutral.png Neutral
IntIncLogoThumb.png International Inc IconNeutral.png Neutral CoalitionLogoThumb.png Coalition of Arabian Monarchies IconMixed.png Mixed FlotillaLogoThumb.png Forgotten Flotilla IconUnknown.png Unknown
BlackHandLogoThumb.png Cult of the Black Hand IconUnknown.png Unknown ASGLogoThumb.png Crescent Pact IconMixed.png Mixed IronFangsLogoThumb.png Iron Fangs IconHostile.png Hostile



The story of Atlantis begins with the story of a species known as the Hyksos, a civilization that inhabited Mars in the distant past. They were a wise and powerful species whose influence spread far across the known universe, peaceful and heavily devoted to the arts and sciences with a protracted temporal span of civilization. For the longest time, it would seem that Mars was the crown jewel of the galaxy and indeed known space, with even the younger Imilki Ecumene fearing to tread against them. But all golden ages come to an end. A meteor landed on their homeworld as well as most of their colonies, the space rock spreading a deep and thorough corruption that they would come to call "Ahurazad" or "green poison" in our tongue.

Their civilization did its best to preserve in the face of this strange toxin, but in time the "fire's essence dripped to the blood of the worlds and erupted in cataclysm" and the "great harvest" would begin. The Hyksos did their best to fight against the strange and enigmatic invaders, but they were already devastated by the poison that had gone through so many of their most valuable worlds, and the invaders were ill inclined to give them the turn to turn plows into swords. One by one, their worlds were scoured of their presence by them whose deadly force swept aside all the resistance that they could muster. In time, they came for Mars itself, where the Hyksos threw everything they could conjure in one last ditch defense.

In the final battle of this war with these invaders, they were wiped out, but not before compiling all they knew of them and their poison into great portable databases that they spread across the universe to warn others of the coming of their foes and how to prepare, so that others might succeed where they failed. Having harvested everything they needed from their world, the invaders then withered the once lush world of Mars into a barren rust covered desert. The database they sent to the earth was clipped by one of the invader's ships as it flew, breaking into two pieces and landing in different areas of the world.

One piece, smaller but more easily understood, landed in the Andes. The other part would be found by a wholly different culture somewhere in what is now Morocco more than fifty millennia ago. Found by a woman who would be known as "the First, Serene, Ascended Primarch" and is currently called "Atlaeyn" by current Atlantean historians, the device shared the knowledge of how to prepare for the coming doom, and it seemed only those directly related to her could fully understand its meaning. With the knowledge she had gained, she was able to start forming an early civilization, her successors coming closer and closer to completing their great project, cities in the water, building up the infrastructure to do so before settling in, forming a religion based on the teachings of their new "holy text" and nobility based on one's ability to decipher its secrets.

Once ready, they sank these enviro-dome cities beneath the waves, which would be a safer place than the land from the poison as well as the monsters of the sky, which in their corruption of the Hyksos tongue they called "Ahzra" or "fire". Naming the first and greatest of their many great dome cities "Atalatea" after their first Ascended Primarch, the Atalateans began to evolve to suit their new conditions. Due to the lack of UV rays from the sun, they became quite pale as a rule, hair colours that would be found strange on the surface began to develop, bodies became leaner and more streamlined, as muscular bulk in the form that humans are familiar with were not conducive to their new life.


They became somewhat taller than normal humans, and they grew distinctive long, slender, and pointed ears of a more hydrodynamic shape and their lifespans lengthened significantly to the point where no Atlantean has ever been recorded as dying of old age past the year 20,000 B.C when their phenotype became what it was now, and visitors being struck by how they all seemed to be young adults, adolescents, and children. Leading a mysterious man in red and black to come to their cities in the year 8,000 B.C and examine these people, where he identified a symbiont given to them by a Hyksos machine that was dispatched from Mars in the year 20,000 B.C, and reversed engineered it and improved on it to not only counteract age and cancer but virtually all injuries and sickness for his own purposes. Dubbing themselves "Alaeva" or "guided people" they were now a distinct branch of the human family tree, helping give rise to the archetype of elves after chance encounters with the ancient Norse.

Once underwater, the Atlanteans began radically diverging from the branches regular human civilization would take even as they evolved. Having constructed their cities with the help of some automated Hyksos drones launched at earth when it detected that the database had been activated and mysterious others they found beneath the waves, they looked towards advancing their technology and society towards combating their great foe. It was however, slow going as they lacked a scientific method and much of their progress was based on the nobility's understanding of the database and other Hyksos artifacts that were launched at Earth by automated facilities meant to help any who had begun reading these devices. Furthermore, was the problem that the rule of the descendants of Atlaeyn was frequently challenged by other noble families who could understand to some degree or the other; the works of the Atlantean's progenitor gods. Warfare was common among the sea-peoples; fought with metal forged weapons on land and in the sea as well as environmental domes.


The cities began to develop different cultures, though unified by their acceptance of the works of the Hyksos as divine and that the green poison would come and herald the beginning of a great trial that would culminate in a grand battle between good and evil. However, the interpretation of these basic fundamentals would fragment and split into differing beliefs. While their cultures were united by some threads, they had their own differences just as would occur from such geographical separation. Atalatea proper would come into being in warm waters well within the tropics, somewhat to the southwest of their Moroccan and Iberian homeland. The first and the largest of the Atlantean great cities with many vassal cities underneath its rule, Atalatea would become a place of great wealth and culture. Though its fortunes would sometimes ebb and wane, she would always rise again.

Atalatea become the first to codify its faith and create ordained priesthoods which would give it a great advantage in the struggle for religious as well as military and political dominance. They affirmed that the Hyksos were the prior generation of deities who would give birth to the later, newer generation, which would be ruled by Azariya, the supreme goddess of the Oceans, the Void above, Sovereignty, Warfare, Passion, and Power. Her first consort and husband Tarkyras, was the God of the Skies, of Warriors, of Fathers, Nobility, Hospitality, and Order.Like many polytheistic faiths, many deities would share a portfolio or two; qhilw whereas Greek mythology famously ascribed all the Olympians to one incestuous family, the Atalatean deities would be of many houses. Born of the defeated Hyksos, these deities were the watchers and also the most powerful gods born of humans, with others accepted as existing, but being simply inferior.

The Scrin, destroyers of the Hyksos, were cast in the light as being a pantheon of demonic monsters, along with other alien civilizations the databases said were hostile to the Hyksos, such as the Imilki, the Hierarchy, and the Silent Ones, though the Scrin were said to be the worst among them - bearers of the evil flame that poisoned and burned worlds, bringing limitless ruin. The bloodline of the Ascended Primarch was said to be directly drawn from the line of Azariya, making each of them truly of divine blood, with other nobles having varying admixtures of other deities in their lineage. The wider people were also acknowledged as having some divinity in them, with this being part fo the reason why the Atalateans were so cultured while the surface people, who knew not the gifts of the Hyksos, were so pitiably backwards. They had metal working, fine clothing, agriculture, literature, and great cities. While surface dwelling humanity still floundered about with stone, animal skins, hunting and gathering, cave paintings and grunts, and lived in mud huts and caves.

Whereas some cultures developed into imbalanced gender roles among the sea-peoples, Atalatea would maintain a balance between the sexes, if one that somewhat favoured women given that their chief deity was female and their head of state was always to be a girl, giving women a somewhat but still noticeably greater prominence in their culture, though in terms of legality they were to be equals. While Atalatea would go through many periods of conservatism followed by sexual revolution, generally they were sexually open and widely accepting of abnormal preferences. Given their warm climes and their love of swimming, they would often go about wearing scandalously little by most surface dweller standards, particularly as food crops had a much higher priority than those harvested for fabric and the sea was rather lacking in suitable animal skins for the purpose. Wood was substantially rarer than on the surface, requiring special plots or domes to grow, and through their examinations of the texts of the Hyksos, they found ways to create solidified forms of water that were not cold.

This "permafrost" would become a key building material of the seapeoples, saving up ceramics, glass, plastics, stone, metal, and wood for other purposes. Fire; already something hated for its connections to their great enemy, became seen as a necessary evil, needed to build the works of civilization but always to be contained and controlled. After the passage of thousands of years and continued incremental advances, the Atlanteans would form something akin to the Holy Roman Empire as they grew increasingly hegemonic over the other cities. A secular elected Monarch dubbed the Uzarinas would be selected from the nobles, while a Prime Minister figure (though the title is more properly translated as Chancellor) dubbed the Hiszary would be elected from the common-folk, with the Ascendant Primarch being the unelected divine figure; something akin to a more active Pope or Japanese Emperor in the Shogunate era. This triumvirate would not always work out as this Confederacy was quite loose at its formation and the composite states still warred amongst each other often, but it was a start at least.

Hail Atlantis!

Atlantis and its sister cities had on and off contact with the surface world over the course of many thousands of years, nearly always looking down upon the surface dwellers. Eventually, they would decide to sink their society; isolating themselves from the surface world. With the last contact with the surface world being taking in a number of refugees from the fall of Byzantium, and then from renaissance Italy a hundred years later. These people would help introduce Atalatea and her fellow cities to some renewed concepts of liberalism from the surface world and thus set in motion more modern forms of undersea politics. The centuries rolled on and eventually Atlantean civilization would face the crisis that would turn it from a loose confederation of states into a true unified society in a great war fought in the twenties. After the expenditure of much blood, sweat, and tears; Atalatea stood as the ruler of the whole of underwater civilization and Atlantis' priorities would shift to rebuilding.

The Second World War went by largely unnoticed by the Atlanteans, who simply made sure their cities blended in when the Allies and Soviets warred for the depths of the ocean, and the Third went by with equally little heed paid to it. So long as the surface dwellers and underworlders did not directly threaten their lands, all was well. Then all that changed in 1968 when devices they built to detect the presence of the green poison as defined by their Hyksos databases alerted them of the arrival of a meteor in China bearing the substance, causing a great wave of panic among them. This was further worsened by the shockingly swift deployment of the most terrible of weapons as the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China obliterated each other in green poison-based nuclear fire. The optimism of the golden age was replaced by the realization that the day the Hyksos had warned them about had come; the poison was here and the demons would soon follow.

Already the Imilki demons were recorded as probing around the world, and many Atlanteans had fought against their oceanic probing attempts, engaging in secret wars with the their USO fleet and its aquatic species that sought to explore the oceans which had caused no small degree of concern among them. Now the great enemy had sown its seeds. Further adding to the apocalyptic fervor was their encounters with the Protectorate, which was beginning to seek its pure state and activate with renewed purpose around the world; leading to encounters with the metal monsters, and the Kumun began stirring with a vengeance, leading the Atlanteans to believe that the Hegemony was preparing for war with the surface. Then came reports of unrecorded factions of humans, the Concordiat, whose ideals proved unpalatable to the Atlanteans, and the Norse, who surprisingly sought them out for an alliance, having made a secret pact with them of their world.

The Fylkirate came in search of resources to rebuild their home after their own devastating war and were prepared to fight to take them, and they also sought to lend a hand to helping this world survive what they fervently believed would be its Ragnarok if they didn't do something to stop them. Because they needed to first regather strength through violent means, they wished to remain hidden for the time being, not the least because if they revealed themselves; the Concordiat would surely try to act against a potential future breach in their own secrecy protocols. Though they believed that the Atlanteans were just and could be trusted to engage in secret trade and military cooperation. Agreeing, they decided that the first encounters with the Atomic Chinese military was the last straw, and Ellastraza approved the decision to bring the sea-folk to the surface again.

In dramatic fashion, the Atlantean cities rose to the surface and announced themselves to the world in the wake of World War 3 and the emergence of Atomic China. Overnight, a new formidable world power had added itself to the world stage and sent the balance of power entirely out of whack. The only thing perhaps even remotely comparable was the rapid industrialization and rise of Japan and Siam into great powers on the world stage, the sudden assault of the Empire-League-Guard Axis in World War 3, or perhaps to a lesser degree the unification of Germany and Italy. But all of those had come from *somewhere* the world was aware about to some degree or the other in the past. This, however? This was a new force with tremendous reach and unknown capabilities and foreign ideologies and culture appearing entirely out of thin air. But as the Atlanteans themselves could charitably be called "vaguely aware of very nebulous and inaccurate information of surface geopolitics", the surprise was at the very least: reciprocal.

The Revered Armada

Note: All Atlantean ground units are fully amphibious


Aquapolis The centre of any Atlantean base, the Aquapolis builds all Atlantean buildings and defenses. It can also be upgraded with the Atlantean superweapon - the Maelstrom. It creates a powerful cyclone at its targeted area. The cyclone can be controlled to move around the field, continuously dealing damage to anything caught under it.
Hydrogen Plant Atlantean power plants burn hydrogen fuel to generate power for Atlantean buildings. Hydrogen Plants generate more power than their counterparts, but tend to detonate violently when compromised. It is not recommended to put Hydrogen Plants near each other.
Refining Facility The standard Atlantean ore refinery, it is the backbone of an Atlantean base's economy.
Training Facility The Training Facility trains Atlantean infantry in the art of warfare, and also offers a place to rest and heal the injured.
Aquafabricator The basic vehicle production structure of the Atlantean Monarchy, the Aqua fabricator is a large factory built from Aquapoleis.
Aerodrome The Aerodrome constructs and supplies the Atlantean airforce.
Ensemble of Strings The Ensemble of Strings is a special building that constantly releases Permafrost-ready water vapour into the air all around it. It can activate an emergency Permafrost generator, which instantly flash freezes all units and structures in a significant radius around it (including itself). Frozen units and buildings shut down completely and cannot perform any actions. However, they receive a substantial armor boost. In addition, allied vehicles and buildings will regenerate health while frozen.
Sky Wire The Sky Wire unlocks more buildings, defenses and units for Atlantean commanders. Multiple Sky Wires are required in order to unlock higher tiers.
Reclamation Device Capable of flooding land into water terrain and water into permafrost land (the secondary decides what it will turn), the Reclamation Device can rapidly transform the conditions of battle. Units that can't stay in the terrain after it is transformed are washed/pushed out to the nearest viable terrain.
Maelstrom Engine Creating violent waterspouts on land and powerful whirlpools on water, the Maelstrom engine can be directed after it forms its violent vortex, travelling around and devouring units and smashing structures until it finally runs out of energy


Permafrost Wall Atlantean walls are good examples of usage of Permafrost - these solid walls of unmeltable ice restrict entrance into any Atlantean base, although superheavy ground units can easily crush them. Of particular note is that these walls are buildable on water. Submarines can dive under them though.
Permafrost Gate These gates are unsurprisingly made of Permafrost, but unlike the walls, this Permafrost is made from supercondensed water. To allow units to pass, the gate evaporates and reforms itself once they pass.
Flechette Gun The Flechette Gun is a small turret armed with two short-ranged flechette shotguns that make short work of infantry.
Ice Turret Armed with a permafrost cannon, the Ice Turret is the basic anti-armour base defense for the Atlanteans.
Shatter Launcher Shatter Launchers fire ice flechette missiles at enemy aircraft, showering them with hypersonic Permafrost shards.
Permafrost Generator Permafrost Generators create an icy mist around it that increases the evade and armor of all allied units within it. It also debuffs the speed and rate of fire of any enemy units that enters its area of effect.
Sonic Cannon An Atlantean advanced anti-armour defense emplacement, it fires shockwaves of sound that deal heavy damage to targets in a straight line.
Northern Light The most powerful standard defenses the Atlanteans can muster, these large towers are high powered Aurora systems that can tear apart air and ground targets alike.
Avalanche Howitzer The Avalanche is a powerful base artillery piece, with its armament being a smaller version of the howitzer guns used on the Magara City-Dome. Nonetheless, the cluster rounds it fires still pack a punch, although accuracy has decreased as the recoil is too powerful to be handled by the smaller gun. While the defense is built with the gun facing one direction and capable of only firing in a small arc, its secondary allows it to retarget the gun. This does take a while though.
Towers of the Seas Best built on water for the most effect, Towers of the Seas create Tsunamis that can help act as all purpose harassment and damage. Terrain becomes marshier; making it harder to move on land while large waves can push away and heavily damage units and ships find it extremely difficult to move near Towers of the seas; most being pushed backwards and the waves are quite simply devastating to ships, with even submarines being rolled out of the depths and into higher water to take heavy damage. Ships pushed onto land or land units pushed into water are instantly destroyed. Even air units suffer degraded performance due to the heavy moisture in the air fouling their engines.
Hydrokinetic Walls Hydrokinetic walls continually alter the flow of water near them. Infantry can't stay near them for too long as they continually take damage as the walls try to tug at the water inside of them through an intensely powerful version of the polarity effect keyed to water in particular; which is set to leave allies alone via pendants distributed to them marking them as friends. All other units have their movement heavily impeded due to the greatly increased moistness of the terrain or the very turbulent flow of the water around them if placed in water.
Dome of Silence These much downscaled and downgraded versions of the "great domes" that help hide and protect Atlantean settlements in tandem with more conventional materials create domed areas of sonic energy that significantly reduce the line of sight of enemy units to anything within the Dome as well as offer a shield against enemy attack that reduces incoming damage substantially and stops smaller weapons outright while still allowing Atlantean forces to attack through. Attempting to pass through these domes causes substantial damage to units not friendly to the Ascendancy.


Otter A large marine mammal that while largely unable to attack other units, has keen senses to alert other units of attempted infiltraton, and with the paddle like tail they were bred to have; can tailslap an area to raise an alert that makes all your units in an area more accurate for a brief period of time
Levy As the Atlanteans' basic infantry, Levies are armed with machine guns firing ice flechette rounds that will tear through infantry quick. Their secondary allows them to sprint a short distance in order to get to cover.
Squire Basic Atlantean anti-armour infantry, these men are armed with hydrokinetic sanded water jets that cut clean through metal armour. Their secondary lets them create a path of ice ahead of themselves, which lets them travel faster. They are however, unable to shoot while in this mode.
Sculptor Sculptors are the Atlanteans' Engineers, capable of capturing buildings. Their secondary lets them utilize hydrokinetic technologies to create a brief wave to surf through; which also knocks aside infantry in the path of this sudden mass of water.
Thulan Thulan are the primary assault infantry fielded by the Atlanteans. They are fast but poorly armoured and are equipped with powerful sonic cannons that lock down infantry while dealing significant short range aoe damage. In addition, they can use the sonic cannons as booster jets, letting them jump up and down cliffs. Their secondary ability is to fire sonic grenades, which disorient enemy infantry, giving the Thulan a window to close the gap and decimate the enemy.
Assassin The Atlantean Assassins are lightning fast special operations units. They are armed with sonic grenades and super condenser guns and usually open up an engagement with sonic grenades before moving in swiftly to kill any infantry in range. Their secondary ability allows them to temporarily stealth to avoid detection.
Keeper These deadly, highly-trained infantry wield long-ranged sniper rifles firing Permafrost rounds that will pierce through light armour easily. They are effective against infantry, but are ineffecitve against vehicles and tanks. They are stealthed when not moving, and are capable of putting away their rifles to put on temporary Permafrost skates to let them make quick getaways.
Siege Master Atlantean Siege Masters serve as the mortar troops of the Ascendancy, launching hydrogen explosives from sonic propulsion cannons that can easily match the abilities of other mortars, and are capable of also firing on the move. The Siege Master can also fire permafrost shells to literally freeze up an enemy advance or create temporary obstacles and cover for fellow soldiers.
Bard Bards are the officers of the Atlantean forces. These leaders carry aurora lyres which they use to inspire friendly infantry around them to fight harder with a combination of psionics and specially keyed tunes. Initiates can also focus discordant tunes in a cone in front of them, debuffing enemies caught in it. The debuffs from multiple Bards will stack. To attack, they either focus their tunes into a devastating beam that can pulp a man like a grape or they draw the vibro-sabres of their office when in melee; easily capable of hacking a man limb from limb.
Inspector Atlantean Inspectors are the eyes and ears of the Ascendancy, marked by special war diving suits highly useful for blending into the environment, making sure that everything works smoothly and were key in the unification wars. Inspectors use their vibration staffs of office in combat which can carve through limbs and armour alike, and can cast forth a disorienting and mildly damaging sonic burst on enemies to help their escape or disorient defenses long enough to infiltrate a base.
Marshal A tremendously durable unit, these nobles turned Marshal's war diving suit can function on land just as it can in water. The marshal uses a vibrolance that can either skewer or carve apart enemy units or at range blast through cover; digging out entrenched units with bone and metal splintering sound and destroying structures; or they can charge up a special harmonic burst that can shatter cover and leave units exposed.
Aqua Aqua is the daughter of the Ascendant. She rides into battle upon her trusty mount and is armed with her trident and is protected by her telekinetic shield that lets her withstand weapons fire as easily as she can withstand crushing oceanic pressure. She is capable of conjuring ice arrows to impale enemy infantry, or shredding armour with the aurora cannon built into her trident and can use hydrokinetic technology to call forth a small Tsunami to crush enemies before her.

Amphibious Vehicles

Izila Patrol Vehicle The Izila is a small boat armed with two flechette shotgun on its sides that make short work of infantry. It can use turbojets to give itself a temporary speed and traverse boost.
Shenshen Light Tank The Shenshen is a light tank designed for early game vehicle hunting and mid game flanking and harrassment duty. It is armed with a rapid firing 75mm rapid fire permafrost cannon that devastates vehicles, but lacks the armour penetration for dealing with armoured targets, at least from the front. Its secondary ability, generates an icy mist around it, boosting its evade temporarily.
Muru APC The Muru is a troop transport that can carry up to 2 squads. Its special ability creates an icy mist around it as it disembarks the infantry inside, making any enemies lose sight of it and its passengers for a short time. The Muru is also armed with a pair of small battering rams, affording it some weak level of anti-armour defense by itself.
Peerasa Skywatcher An early anti-air vehicle, the Skywatcher mounts a brace of six flechette launchers to fill the skies with deadly shards of permafrost to provide some short ranged defense against aircraft, though infantry can be targeted in a pinch.
Zemara Cannonade Resembling the organ guns of old, Zemara cannonades are nippy little fast vehicles that mount nine small mortars; downscaled versions of those used by the Siegemaster, that can be constantly fired nonstop to provide light artillery support; or fire disorientating sonic rounds that can drag an entire advance to a screeching halt.
Enkara Tank The main battle tank of the Atlanteans, it is armed with a 140mm permafrost cannon that boasts extremely high rates of fire for a weapon of this caliber; letting it literally crack open the armour of other tanks and cause catastrophic spalling damage in just a few seconds of fire. Boasting superior maneuverability and traverse speeds compared to most other tanks, the Enkara can turn on a dime easily and react quickly to threats from all directions.
Teysa ASV A dedicated support unit to the Atlantean ground forces. The Teysa ASV slowly coats all nearly allied units with a layer of Permafrost, increasing their armor values. It can also engage a freeze ray, which allows it to slowly freeze a target area, greatly reducing the maneuverability of enemy units caught in the frozen tundra.
Andranda Beastslayer Meant to kill tanks, the Beastslayer strikes from long range with a powerful aurora cannon that can carve through the armor of enemy units like a hot knife through butter, or release widespread discordant tunes that disorient enemies in a large area around it to enable get aways.
Keela Mercybringer An unarmed vehicle equipped to tend to the wounds of others with the Hyksos derived medicines of the Atlanteans and also with assorted systems to recover and repair lost vehicles, the Mercybringer is attended to by the devout of Kaemana and Toran; the Goddess and Gods of mercy and healing.
Sherda Skyhunter The Sherda is a vehicle armed with two flechette missile launchers. They fire missiles that filled with Permafrost flechette fragments. This will shred any aircraft in an area to pieces effectively.
Nergal Artillery The Nergal Artillery fires a supersized version of the Siegemaster's weapon. Filled with extremely pressurized and extremely volatile hydrogen, these projectiles are effective against all ground enemies with even hardened targets being met with enormous blast force. Unlike most artillery pieces, Nergals can fire on the move with no penalties, granting them exceptional maneuverability. They can also fire more specialized penetrative rounds to pierce through a garissonned building and kill everyone inside.
Ariavanna Tank The Ariavanna is the Tier 5 advanced main battle tank for the Atlanteans. Sporting superior armour and mobility compared to normal MBTs, the Ariavanna also carries heavy firepower in the form of a large calibre permafrost and an aurora cannon. An ice flechette autocannon also offers protection against infantry and low flying aircraft.


Royal Seals An ancient domestic breed of seal, Royal Seals have a nasty bite, but its the electric musclebanks they've been encouraged to grow over the course of millenia of breeding with the guidance of the wisdom of the Hyksos that provide their most unique ability, where they latch onto something and rapidly shock it to death or to submission.
Ninurta Galley Ninurtas are light escort vessels primarily designed for convoy and perimeter defense operations. They are armed with anti air flechette cannons for air defense. In addition, they are also equipped with torpedoes that are effective against all ships and submarines.
Ninhursag Destroyer The main destroyer operated by the Ascendency, the Ninhursag is armed with two powerful turret mounted Ice Cannons for engaging enemy vessels. It also has numerous waterjets for close range combat. The Ninhursag can coat itself temporarily in Permafrost armour, however significantly slowing itself down and rendering the waterjets inoperable.
Lamashtu Frigate The Atlantean’s answers to enemy submarines, the Lamashtu is equipped with underwater aurora cannons that will tear apart wolfpacks. While lacking in actual air defense weapons, the Lamashtu can launch Fog missiles, creating a thick layer of low cloud cover around the fleet, which renders aircraft targeting unreliable.
Dumuzi Recovery Ship A purely support vessel, the Dumuzi serves to repair and rearm allied ships near it. In addition, it also has a mist generator that increases the evade of ships around it significantly, thus greatly prolonging the lifespan of the armada. If enemies get too close, the Dumuzi can also use its Permafrost generators to freeze the enemy ship, slowing it down and disabling its weapons. Do note it does take time for the Permafrost to work.
Anunnaki Submarine A powerful vessel, the Annunaki is equipped with potent Permafrost torpedoes, which are capable of punching through virtually any armour. Relatively quick and incredibly maneuverable, the Annunaki is the bane of any surface ships without anti-submarine capabilities.
Gula Submarine Unlike the Annunaki, the Gula is designed as a fleet escort vessel rather than a naval hunter.. While lacking the sheer power of the Permafrost torpedoes, the Gula makes up for it with twin turret mounted Aurora cannons that can be fired while underwater, giving it superior flexibility.
Ashefan Battleship The Ascendency’s primary battleship, the Ashefan is equipped with three batteries of Aurora cannons as its primary weapons. A series of hypersonic hydro cutters serve as CIWS and close quarters protection. In addition, the Ashefan is also equipped with numerous unguided Permafrost torpedo racks. To further enhance their flexibility, these torpedoes racks are turreted, however the reload time between salvos is long.
Uzroshan Punisher A ship specialized in bombardment, the Uzroshan Punisher carries powerful sonic warhead cannons that can strike a target and shake apart everything from structures to internal organs, and by starting up their engines on overdrive they can raise powerful sonic barriers that deflect nearly any incoming attack while they remain online; though they can only do so for a brief period
Yasalra Zeal Submarine A support submarine, the Zeal acts like a super sized bard, encouraging nearby ships to fight harder than before and better coordinating their attacks (while also offering gradual repairs via permafrost) while also having an array of missiles that can be launched at long ranges at aircraft to quickly remove them as a threat to the massively powerful Atlantean navy; particularly devastating to heavy aircraft; using a prow mounted aurora cannon against other ships.
Isilizsha Carrier The Isilizsha is the most powerful vessel that can be deployed by Atlantean commanders on the battlefield. Capable of launching up to eight attack planes armed with Aurora cannons and eight air to air attack planes with flechette guns. Unlike other carriers, these attack planes do not need to return to the carrier to rearm. The Isilizsha can also replace any planes shot down by enemy fire relatively quickly. In addition, the Isilizsha can also deploy its planes in a defensive formation, where they patrol around the vessel and engage any hostiles within range.
Tendraena Retributor Similar in concept to the Soviet Hammerhead submarines, the Retributor is the strategic artillery of the Atlanteans, though it is better armed than its soviet counterpart with two prow aurora cannons, its primary weapons is its hydrokinetic generators that can generate tsunamis that devastate armies even remotely near the water; though buildings are much more resilient to the crushing waves. Powerful enough to require the permission of a commander to use, the tsunamis can flatten even apocalypse tanks like toys.


Tiamat Scout Plane A slow moving aircraft, the Tiamat is the early game aerial scout for the Atlanteans. It can carry one squad of Atlantean soldiers for spec ops insertion missions, but is otherwise unarmed.
Zababa Fighter The Atlantean air superiority fighter, the Zababa is a no frills plane that gets the job done. Armed with flechette missiles, the Zababa can hold its own against the numerous fighter jets that other factions employ, despite the Atlantean’s unfamiliarity with the skies.
Utu Attack Plane The Utu is the ground attack plane for the Atlanteans. Armed with numerous ice flechette cannons, it is effective at killing infantry and light vehicles, but lacks the AP to deal with anything heavier.
Meelara Hoverstrike A very new Atlantean aircraft made possible by contact with the Fylkirate, the Hoverstrike flies around with turbines to act as the Gunship of the Atlanteans, striking with Permafrost flechette weapons to rake across infantry lines and two powerful Aurora weapons to smash tanks. It can also submerge into the water to both evade retaliation and use its Aurora weapons to help the fleet out.
Masararia Medium Bomber A lightning fast and highly maneuverable bomber, the Masararia might not carry the destructive payload of a typical strategic bomber, but it makes up for it with its versatility. It carries four hydrogen bombs which deal significant damage against both structures and units, and are extremely accurate, even when dropped from high altitudes. It can deploy an icy mist as a countermeasure, which immediately causes all currently incoming projectiles to miss. (Only affects missiles that are inflight while ability is activated. Any missiles fired after the ability is used will be unaffected)
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