Army of the Republic of Vietnam

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Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)
The logo of the ARVN, the Puffy Dragon
Playstyle Counter-Insurgency
Faction Colour Subdued Gold
Type Blue Alert 3 Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

The Army of the Republic of Vietnam, ARVN or South Vietnam is...

At A Glance


Units & Buildings



Guard Dog The Army of the Republic of Vietnam makes extensive usage of guard dogs to sniff out infiltrators and scout ahead, and to tear out throats. A dog's bark can also stun enemy units close enough to it.
Jungle Ranger Jungle Rangers use their experience and assault rifles with underslung shotguns to dish out great anti infantry firepower at all ranges. Jungle Rangers can throw incendiery grenades to burn out argets in an area. Tier One
Rocket Ranger Rocket Rangers use a break-open M79 grenade launcher to fire powerful, if inaccurate high explosive rounds to destroy light vehicles. They also carry disposable Panzerfaust antitank bazookas to deal with enemy armour. Rocket Rangers can also fire concussion rockets especially effective against enemies in cover; stunning surviving infantry. Tier One
Flak Ranger Flak Rangers carry bulky personal flak cannons to bring down aircraft, and due to being selected from the burliest of Rangers, are also entrusted with digging entrenchments when the need arises.Tier One
Engineer Ranger Engineer rangers use shotguns and entrenchment tools to seize positions for the ARVN and defusing traps and mines when they come across them. Tier Two
Napalm Ranger The ARVN Napalm Rangers are equipped with powerful flamethrowers to flush out enemies and destroy jungle foliage. They are also somewhat heavily armoured. Napalm rangers are also able to create smoke screens that shield their own units and also cause morale damage to enemies caught in the smoke as they choke on it. Tier Two
Gunner Ranger Gunner Rangers make use of MG-49 "buzzsaw" machine guns to lay down suppressive fire, and are able to load up a belt of incendiery ammunition to deal burn damage until they run out.Tier Two
Mortar Ranger The ARVN Mortar Rangers make use of incendiery mortars that can smoke enemies out of their holes and burn parts of the forest, and are able to launch flares to give vision, illumination, and make it easier to spot enemy units caught in the glare. Tier Two


Predator Response Vehicle The Alliance of Free States made so many Rovers they were practically giving them away after WWII. Unsurprisingly, the ARVN received many of them. It's Brushclearer chain gun sweeps across enemies, destroying cover and concealment, while it's flares keep areas of the fog of war revealed after the Ranger has moved on. Tier One
Flak Track Armed with a dual purpose 8.8cm gun and a 13.2mm heavy machine gun the Flak Track can also carry up to two squads of infantry inside and can gun the engines to increase its speed. Tier One
AMX Chevalier Light Tank The ARVN still gladly uses the Chevalier Light Tank. While they're considered obsolete elsewhere, it's hard to deny their effectiveness, especially with their stealth detection capabilities and their front-mounted mine flails, which can clear traps and mines and occasionally grind infantry to shreds. Tier Two
Sturmbandog A fast assault gun carrying a 15cm mortar, the Sturmbandog can bring its powerful direct fire cannon to the frontlines in a hurry and shell the enemy as soon as it arrives. It can also apply sandbag and slat armour onto itself to provide some extra ablative durability. Tier Two
Spaniel Tank Whereas the Mainstay of the Alliance regards the Spaniel as too flimsy to serve in their army, the Spaniel Tank is regarded as perfect for the ARVN with its light frame and high speed, and with its smoothbore gun, it can fire a deadly napalm shell to burn enemies out of their position
Armadillo Transport The heaviest and most powerful transport in the ARVN Arsenal, the ARVN has two flamethrowers to burn its way through most obstacles as well as truly heavy armour and amphibious capability to shield the four squads of infantry who shelter inside of its tough shell. The Armadillo can also fire off agent orange sprays to clear out foliage and cover. Tier Three
V3 Rocket Launcher The V3 Rocket Launcher finds a new life in the ARVN's military, lobbing missiles at distant targets to crush them beneath the weight of Von Braun's legacy. The V3 can also fire a reconnaisance missile to get visuals on everything the missile flies over on its path to its inevitable reunion with the ground. Tier Three
Peacock Tank Destroyer In combat the Peacock's light armour prevents it from being dedicated to front line combat. So the adoring crew uses the six 120mm recoilless cannons as direct fire support, often destroying everything in its path with ease. Tier Three

Economic Units

Battlewagon A sort of impromptu multigunner vehicle, the Battlewagon carries supplies for the ARVN, but when necessary the armoured vehicle can venture out into the field to break some heads. Tier One


Bluejay Transport ARVN Bluejays are armed with a pair of heavy door guns, which scythe down anyone dumb enough to get in the way. Of course, they also retain the ability to quickly shuttle infantry. Tier One
Cardinal Viper A potent combat modification of the lighter Cardinal, the Viper's bite comes in the form of a pair of phosphorous rocket pods and swivel-mounted grenade launchers, capable of quickly disorienting and then eliminating most ground targets. It can switch between the two weapons, depending on the target. Tier Three
Super Macron Heavy Lifter The largest heavy lift helicopter in service in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, the Super Macron can carry multiple infantry squads as well as vehicles with its powerful engines and heavy lift capabilities. Gatling guns on the sides, nose, and rear and rocket pods let it clear out hot LZs before making its landing, and the Macrons can fire off massive amounts of chaff and flares to try and prevent a lock on. Tier Three
Mangust Copter The most formidable helicoper in Vietnam's arsenal and the syndicate's most direct contribution to the Republic's armouries, the Mangust makes use of a nose mounted gyrojet gun and potent multi-purpose missiles, and is also able to drop a napalm bomb on targets it flies over. Tier Three
60px Dassault Mistral The primary air to air fighter in service among the Republic of Vietnam, the Dassault Mistral is much the same as it was in the second world war, fighting with its missiles and twin autocannons to try to win control of the skies, and rapid fire rocket pods to be used in case of emergencies. Tier Two
60px Rascal Dive Bomber Pawned off by the Allies to the ARVN, the Rascal is still an effective ground attack plane in spite of its age, with twin autocannons for shredding light vehicles and infantry, unguided bombs, and a rear gun useful for shooting down attackers. Tier Two
60px Stork Seaplane On the water, the Stork makes use of multiple rocket launch systems to provide light artillery support, while in the air it mostly makes use of its depth charge droppers to attack ships and roll out the concussive explosives to smash up enemy formations. The Stork is also able to fire off scanners to try and pick up hidden units while it flies overhead. Tier Two
60px Avro Malta The most powerful bomber in the ARVN's arsenal and infamous for the war crimes committed by its pilots, the Avro Malta drops large numbers of napalm bombs that incinerate everything in the area after flattening them with the initial explosion, and can virtually delete cover in a large area with agent orange spray.. Tier Three

Naval Craft

60px Patrol Boat The ARVN has several small swamp boats not unlike those used by the Vanguard. Their flamethrowers are very useful on the river deltas of Vietnam. This unit is only available in certain maps featuring large amounts of water.


ARVN Command Tent Those outposts are premade on maps and can be captured like Tech Buildings, to buy ARVN units. They are not very tough however.


60px ARVN Guard Tower Simple wooden guard towers, Guard Towers provide a long line of sight combined with a number of very powerful 13.2mm heavy machine gun easily capable of gunning down infantry or turning light vehicles into scrap. Their height and the power of their weapons also gives them unmatched range for an anti-infantry defense.
60px ARVN Peacock Turret An immobile and enlarged version of the Peacock Tank Destroyer, the Peacock turret slams incoming enemies with six 140mm recoilless rifle rounds that pound tanks into so much scrap metal, and thanks to powerful auto-loaders, maintain a more constant rate of fire than their mobile counterparts.
60px 90mm Flak Turret Using a twin mount of the venerable French 90mm Flak Cannon, the Flak Turret is very useful in shooting down Vietminh, PIRA, and Revolutionary Vanguard Aircraft.
60px V-3 Platform The V-3 platform launches German Vengeance 3 missiles a great distance to destroy far away enemies who threaten an ARVN position.

Peacemaker Reinforcements

These forces can be called upon during Minor Faction Deathmatch. When the going gets tough for the ARVN, they call on assistance from a strike team of elite Alliance Peacemakers. Entirely air-mobile and well armed, this force is perfect for clearing the VM out.

Peacemaker Professional soldiers hardened from combat in Europe and around the world, Peacemakers are excellent combatants in the jungles, where the close quarters gives their shotguns a vital edge. The Dragon's Breath rounds favoured in Vietnam accompany each shot with a tongue of flame that can shake the nerves of even the best disciplined VM, causing them to break cover.
Peacemaker Sentinel Suppression specialists armed with machine-guns, Peacemaker Sentinels lay down support fire for their comrades on the move.
Flak Trooper Fully trained in the use of their flak cannons, Flak Troopers have found Vietnam to be a surprisingly target-rich environment.
Devastator The cover clearing effects of devastation chemicals are ideal for the Vietnam theatre and the heavy armour of the Devastator makes them immune to most forms of weapons fire directed their way.
Quatrain Tank An innovative airmobile light tank retooled from a WW2 era design, the Quatrain is armed with an extremely powerful rocket-based 165mm demolisher cannon capable of firing high explosive shells or wire-guided rounds that will track even the fastest enemy target at long range.
60px Cardinal Raven The original configuration Cardinal has been modified with a pair of miniguns in addition to transporting infantry. It has also been modified with a winch so it can carry airmobile vehicles like the Quatrain.
60px Helios Fighter Using incendiary rounds for its autocannons, the Helios Fighter ensures that even aircraft that try to escape will still be suffering damage from their deadly autocannons.
60px Javelin Gunship The Javelin Gunship's long loitering times and its devastating fire support are highly ideal for the circumstances of Vietnam, and many are on essentially permanent deployment to the Vietnamese theatre.

Reinforcement Packages

A-Team 2 Peacemakers, 2 Flak Troopers and 1 Peacemaker Sentinel arrives in a Cardinal Raven. Tier 1, $1800
Interception Flight Two Helios Fighters arrive to interdict on NVA Fighter Support. Tier 2, $2000
Suppression Force Two A-Teams and a Raven carrying a Quatrain air-droppable tank arrive on the field. Tier 3, $3000

Deathmatch Protocols

After gaining ground, the AERVN can utilize Rear Echelon support whilst fighting the Vietminh. The results (for the Vietminh) are devastating.

Radar Scan The ARVN scan an area of your choosing and reveal stealthed units in the area. Recharges every minute.
Ranch Hand The Rear Echelon troops send an aircraft filled with Agent Orange to the target area. It then releases its load on the enemies below, not only dealing damage to them over time, but also removing foliage from the area! Recharges every two minutes.
60px Napalm Strike A Rear Echelon Hawker is sent to the target area. It then releases Napalm to the area below it, utterly annihilating enemy infantry and foliage in the target area. Recharges every three minutes.