Apathetic Republic

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The Serene and Humble Republic of the Unified Apathetic Coalition
The Crest of the Apathetic Republic
Playstyle Continuous Mass Assault
Faction Colour Rich Mauve
Type Blue Alert Null Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Every time I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face getting clearer
The past is gone
It went by, like dusk to dawn
Isn't that the way?
Everyone's got the dues in life to pay"

-'Dream On', by Aerosmith.

It’s a shame that you’re here, you know. I’m not sure why you’re here, but I suppose there isn’t much I can do about that now, anyway. Welcome to the Apathetic Republic, although, technically, it’s the Most Serene and Humble Republic of the Unified Apathetic Coalition. Let’s just call it Apathy, to save us time, yeah?

Introductions are in order, I suppose. The name’s Damien C. Quartz, and I’m sort-of like the chairman of Apathy. I mean, it’s kind-of complicated, but I’ll explain it shortly, and introduce you to my fellow rulers in our little oligarchic clique. Including myself, there’s about… seven or so of us. I’ll cut to the bottom line, now, though - we’re not native to this timeline, I mean, I’m not even native to where we’ve just come from, but I’ll explain that shortly, anyway. To cut a long story short, we come from an alternate universe, one which has gone… let’s just say, a touch fucked up. We’re trying to escape from the horrors back there, and we were hoping that this world might offer some form of sanctuary, but it seems we’ve arrived at a bad time...

Listen, I’ll tell you about it. I suppose I’ve got the time to kill.

At a Glance

Faction Color Rich Mauve
Playstyle Continuous Mass Assault
Preferred Theatre of Operations Large, flat open battlefields
Strengths All forms of infantry have a ‘second’ chance resurrection, frontline infantry are generally decent, excellent number of troops, plenty of decent area-of-effect weaponry, decent elite troops, strong early assaults, structures spread Apathetic Corruption.
Weaknesses Infantry generally lack range, increasing unit cost the more that are trained, middling navy and airforce, limited naval options, can be easily outmaneuvered, expensive end game.
Intended Players Players with no aptitude for tactics
Motives Escape, Resettlement, Realpolitiks, Expansion of Apathetic power


The Timeslash

Now, I’m not too clear on any details about this world before I arrived, but I have been able to salvage some notes and research papers from the ruined continent, so I hope you won’t mind if I just paraphrase them for you. For brevities sake, you know?

Apparently, on the 23rd of November, 1970, a secret research institute just outside Geneva were performing an experiment that had never been done before. It seems like that, earlier in the year, a strange anomaly appeared, or at least, was detected, and these scientists were trying to find out what it was. They had no idea where such an anomaly had come from, but if I were to hazard a guess, I’d assume it was caused by people, or similar beings, from a different universe, messing with things that they don’t understand. Or maybe, refuse to acknowledge that they don’t understand.

It seems that the initial phase of the experiment, that is, securing the anomaly in the physical world, went off without a hitch, but it’s the second part we’re interested in. Just before midnight, 23rd November, they entered stage two - which was opening the anomaly.

Judging by the seven mile deep sea where Switzerland used to be, I’d say they were at least partially successful in that field. Seems like when they opened it, the securing methods failed, causing it all to go critical. Nothing would have survived. I mean, in that initial explosion that wiped Switzerland from the map, somewhere in the region of over 4 million must have died, and that isn’t counting on the people living immediately next to Switzerland, who were horrifically mutated by the energies now flowing from the giant sea now in the middle of Europe. The aftermath is quite a… it’s quite a sight, shall we say. The shores of that sea are also where you’ll find some of the worse and most horrific creatures, outside the Petroleum Seas of the Rub’ al Khali, or such similar places. And then, from the anomaly, those energies covered the world, and it was changed irrevocably, forever.

So, this anomaly is called ‘The Timeslash’, or at least, the papers I’ve found that make mention of it, refer to it as the Timeslash. It’s a literal tear in the fabric of space and time and reality itself. It can alter the laws of physics, biology, all that sort of thing. However, further investigation shows that it isn’t merely a tear - it has, in fact, compressed about 12,000 years of human history, into a single state.

...12,000 years. That’s before cities, and civilization. Everyone was just running around hunting Cave Bears back then. Anyway, everything that has ever existed, exists again. Everyone who has lived, lives again. Animals that went extinct between then and 1970, are not extinct anymore. You get the idea. From that point, the world descended into chaos, literal anarchy.

And that was before I, my fellow rulers, and our enemies, showed up.

Enter, Tyrant of Apathy

As I’ve said, I’m not from this Timeslash world originally. Hell, I’m not even from 1970. It was the 18th of January, 2017, when I somehow ended up here. I wasn’t the first, and I wasn’t the last to end up in this hellhole.

I suppose I should elaborate. I was in the New Forest with my family, including my bratty little sister Cosmis, for a little post-Christmas family break, sort-of thing. Well, last I recall, I’d decided to ditch my sis and wander off. If you’d met Cosmis, you’d understand why. Anyway, I wandered for a little bit, and then… I can’t really remember. I sort-of blacked out, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up in a twisted rendition of the New Forest, alone, during a snowstorm.

I was confused, and I’ll admit it, a little bit scared. Yeah, 19-year old Damien Quartz was scared, so sue me. You’d be a bit scared if you woke up during a snowstorm surrounded by screaming tree people. Obviously, I’d thought I’d just passed out and was dreaming, or that maybe my hallucinations were playing up again, but I soon found out that it was real.

It was all real. So horribly, horribly real.

I saw creatures, and what I think were once people. I saw the dead walking, and feasting on each other. It wasn’t a wholly pleasant experience, to say the least.

I can’t believe I’m going to say the next sentence, but… I was actually rescued from the New Forest by Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington himself, accompanied by a regiment of undead redcoats.

It sounds silly, and surreal, but honestly, it only devolved from there. Wellesley told me that others ‘like me’ had also been arriving in this world, people uncorrupted by the Timeslash. Due to the fact that I was uncorrupted, I was escorted back to the maze-like freezing fortress city that London had become, and I was coronated as the Tyrant of the Tyranny of Apathy. I never did discover why it was called the Tyranny of Apathy to begin with anyway, but I liked the name, so I just kind-of left it at that.

I have, or rather, had, a bunch of titles as well. Supreme Hegemon was one of them, which was a bit… weird. Anyway, I was placed as the dictator-in-chief over what was once the British Isles, as well as some other places around the world, like Aden, and… Auckland, and some Australian junk and places like that.

I wasn’t the only one to receive such treatment, as by this point, similar ‘Tyrannies’ had materialized in the likes of America, Israel, China, Japan, Russia, and France, and shortly after my arrival, places like Spain, Canada, and Mongolia of all places, received similar ‘Tyrants’. All, it would seem, from different universes, but I’ll explain that shortly enough.

For a while, I ruled the Tyranny of Apathy, or as I liked to call it, the Apathetic Tyranny, well enough, with my council advising me on things. I even had another ‘normal’ joining me - albeit, a Joburg born Afrikaner from the year 2023, called Icarus. I’ll tell you more about him later, if you want, but anyway - I ruled alright for a time…

But of course, all good things come to an end, and the wars that soon came were the perfect example of that.

The Republic Rises

Before I continue, allow me to explain something, about what I call ‘Empathetic’ and ‘Vitriolic’ Tyrannies. An Empathetic Tyranny was one that is led ostensibly by well-meaning and ‘good’ people, for varying degrees of the word. The Vitriolics were the exact opposite - bloodthirsty psychos and literal tyrannical warlords. This distinction becomes important later, by the way.

So… the Wars. I stayed out of most of them, but I saw the damage. A collection of four Tyrannies, based in Canada, Russia, Mongolia, and China, were the worst offenders, but the horrors and atrocities committed by the likes of the one in Mexico, or the depraved hedonism of the one ruling Italy were just as bad, if not worse in some cases. I was lucky - being island based, I was essentially safe from any sort of real invasion, but I saw the likes of my allies in Africa, and in the states burned to the ground before my very eyes. I lost a lot, a lot more than I should have.

I’m not a politician. Hell, I’m barely even an adult, and I have to maintain armies, colonies, allies and fight wars? Christ… This is why I wanted to go into psychology, rather than politics. I’ve never felt so… useless, so helpless against greater and more dangerous enemies. I couldn’t reason with them, couldn’t manipulate them, I couldn’t do anything to permanently dissuade them from attacking what was given to me. I mean, I was at a low point there, very, very low.

But then, something happened. Four other tyrants, the Empathetic Tyrants, from the US, Israel, Japan, and France, came to me. Their territory was getting overrun, ravaged and destroyed. The British Isles was generally stable for me, but they had had almost all their ‘territory’ taken away from them, and their people butchered. At the time, I was still skeptical of some of the things I had heard, but my-soon-to-be-fellow-leaders gave me eyewitness accounts to the depravity and violence that they saw. I couldn’t believe it, really. Still can believe some of the things I was told. They also told me that they had come from vastly different original universes, which actually worried me at first, but I kinda got used to it. Not everyday day you get to rub elbows with a ‘famous’ news anchor or actress from a different world, right?

So, they came to me, for protection. I don’t know why, really. But I’m kind-of glad that they did. I couldn’t give them the protection that they needed, but I offered them something else - to join me in ruling Apathy and what was left of my overseas territories, as well as what was left of their lands. They couldn’t have agreed faster.

Now, I abdicated as Tyrant of Apathy, and with my new friend’s help, reformed the dictatorship I had been ruling, into a semi-democratic oligarchic republic. It’s not as democratic as some want it, but it’s a start.

Soon, we were joined by a couple of other ‘tyrants’, from the smaller regions, such as Spain, and they too were accepted into our little ruling clique.

However, despite our new Republican rule, we were still beset by enemies on all sides. Enemies that wanted, and still want us, dead and rotting beneath their jackboots.

So, we decided to find a solution, and I believe we have one...

Getting On the Long Road

The Timeslash is a tear is the fabric of space and time and reality, as I’ve said. But, while investigating it, I soon found out that it could act as a gateway to other worlds. Safer worlds, worlds that we could jump to, and escape the monsters that chase us.

My fellow rulers were mixed on the idea. Some were worried that it might end up somewhere worse, or be stuck in continuously hoping from world to world. Others were a bit more receptive, seeing it as an adventure, or a better-than-nothing idea. Eventually, after much discussion, we finally agree to the idea, and as such, began our preparations.

It didn’t take long, and soon, we had selected a seemingly appropriate world - yeah, it was 1971, but being stuck in the 70’s is better that being ripped to pieces by pig monsters, right?

Well, yeah, turns out we ended up here, with the Fascists fighting the Communists in a Third World War. The whole thing looked like a mess, and we were quickly disoriented - at least until we got picked up by some seemingly friendly people from something they called the UASR - Red America, as I later found out.

We parlayed with the Communists, explaining enough of our situation to get sympathy, but not enough so that they would feel threatened. We even promised to stay out of their war, and that if they wanted, we’d help them against the ‘Allied States’, ‘Solar Empire’, and ‘Epsilon’ blocs. Not that any of us really agree with what the Commies are preaching, but hey, better the devil that doesn’t kill you straight away, than the devil that might, as my paraphrasing goes. Lucky for us, it seems that we arrived in late November of ‘71, and the war ended a couple of weeks later in December.

As such, we’ve continued our semi-begrudging ‘friendship’ with the International. We have a dozen or so embassies, and we taken some useless, uninhabited islands for our bases and resupply depots. Still, it’s not quite what I envisioned we’d end up with when we arrived.

Now, between you and me, I have my eye on taking the Antarctic landmass from those creepy freaks called ‘Epsilon’. However, it seems that Epsilon’s still a semi-important power, and my plans have been put on hold, especially seeing as our ‘friendship’, with the Commies, is starting to sour. None of us are too keen on their rhetoric anyway, but they seem to take slight umbrage at our Oligarchy, and I have reason to suspect that they want us to fall in line with their tune, and I have an even greater reason to fear that they possibly want their hands on some of the new species we’re bringing with us, or even the Timeslash itself. ‘For Science’, of course.

So, we’re starting to look to other places for potential new allies. Japan’s top of the list, with their own bloc of Pan-Africanists and Monarchists, amongst others. The Allies and Epsilon are a no go, for reasons I’ll get into later on, if you’re still around. There appears to be a group operating in Ireland, worshipping pagan stuff and wearing antlers, so we might reach out to them down the line.

Of course, we aren’t the only ones with an interest in this world. We’ve seen whispers through the Timeslash, telling us of various other… Invaders, slipping in through the cracks. I just hope that we can resettle here soon enough, and close our gateway behind us. God help us if our enemies find out what we’re planning, or even try to follow us.

What’ll happen to this world doesn’t even bear thinking about, to be honest, if that happens.

Of course, I have my own ideas, and plans, but I’ll tell you them later. I’ve got a long game planned, something quite spectacular. I hope you’ll be sticking around for that, at least. It’ll definitely be something to watch.

Faction Mechanics

Building Mechanics

All our Apathetic Buildings are constructed via the Apathetic Embassy. Calls are made for a building, funds transferred, and then a little vehicle is given to the commander. The vehicle then deploys into whatever building or defence it has the materials for, anywhere in the vicinity of the Apathetic Embassy or a MiniHum outpost. They take sometime constructing, though.

Power Mechanics

From what I've seen, we're kind-of standard when it comes to generating power for our buildings and stuff.

Unique Faction Mechanics

  • Resurrection,: Perhaps one of the more fortunate side-effects of the corruption of the Timeslash on the Republic's troops, at least from a military viewpoint, is their resurrection ability. All my infantry troops can bring themselves back from the dead after they're initially put down. However, this is strictly a second chance thing, mind you. After they're put down a second time, their ain't no coming back.
  • Corruption,: A more unfortunate side-effect of the Timeslash is the residual corruption it causes to everything it touches - including the land our buildings are built on. While we can somewhat negate the effects, it seems that it could prove useful in a military engagement. The corruption saps life away from people, hell, it even causes vehicles to start rusting, should they stay in the vicinity for too long. However, other than our buildings, we have no way of mass spreading the corruption, other than...perhaps...No, let's not go there yet.
  • And Expensive Taste: I may be many things, but an economist isn't one of them. However, I do understand one thing - the more one purchases something, the higher the demand, the more the price goes up. This is exactly the problem with all our forms of troops - bringing them over from our original hellscape costs a bit, and therefore, the more troops we bring over, the price for future units go up. I'm just glad that it's on a type basis, rather that bulk. I mean, if I bring some snipers over, sniper prices go up, but other infantry prices stay the same. You dig?

The Grand Apathetic Army of the Serene Republic

"So, we find ourselves in a forest dark, for the straightforward path had been lost, to paraphrase Dante. My fellow oligarchs, I believe that we are at a precipice, teetering on the brink between the monsters of destruction, and the darkness of adaptation. I'm feeling like we need to adapt; not just to this new world, but to the possibilities that it offers us. And, if one has to wage war in order to adapt, I won't speak out against such a possibility. We need the Serene Apathetic Army to be powerful, and deadly, and I have the ideas for such an improvement... but in any War that does come, we must not just beat our enemies. We have to fucking cripple them, so they'll never fight against us again. Not... not that I'm advocating for such a War, mind you! I'd never advocate for such a bloody and disastrous conflict! It's just a possibility, you see, depending on your perspective, of course... You always need to prepare for the worse case scenario... Jeez..."


“An army is next to useless if it doesn’t have anywhere to resupply itself. And resupply needs construction; construction begats expansion, and expansion, therefore, is survival. That’s the order of the world, my friends. Always has been.”

Apathetic Embassy These are the central locations of our Apathetic Republic in this world, and they’re permanent features - ain’t no moving one when it’s laid down, I’m afraid. This is our central nervous system on the battlefield, in a way - almost all forms of our maintenance, resupply, and construction’s done via these places, and our armies would be crippled without them. Kinda like what happens to a person when you damage their nervous system, in a way, I suppose.
Quartz Disks Now, these things aren’t named after me, although they did originate as an early Quartz Clique experiment. These are our power generators on the field, and they work by using some form of Faraday Disc to generate electricity, which is routed through shards of rock crystal, which we discovered growing around pools of Timeslash residue. They’re not as powerful here as they were back home, but they’re cheap to build and its a lot smaller than some of the other power plants I’ve seen around here.
Outpost Camp This is where most of our standard infantry are summoned and trained, before being sent out on the battlefield. Other than that, there isn’t much to say about it, other than that it has a bunker and watchtower built into it, as well as a detachment of riflemen constantly guarding it, so I suppose it has that as some measure of defence.
Sympathy Mill We use these mills to grind down ore and other minerals into viable materials to use for our war efforts. From what I can tell, it doesn’t seem to be that different from similar such… I suppose you could say, refineries, that the rest of this world uses.
Vehicular Committee These rather plain garages and hangars are where we build, store, and restock our vehicles, before sending them to the battlefield. Similar to the Outpost Camp, these depots have a squad of riflemen guarding them from anything that comes close.
Landing Trenchlines A bit unorthodox, sure, but hey, what can you do? These landing strips, bunkers and whatever are where our pilots and their planes are housed before we send them out.
Sunken Portlands Nothing majorly special here, as this is just where our navy’s brought forth, supplied, and maintained, before any actual engagements.
Palace of Teeth These are privately owned by me, thank you very much. I guess you could describe it as a mix of a barracks and a science lab, I suppose - I mean, this is the place where my elite troops are trained, and where my Timeslash experiments are bred, before being released upon unsuspecting enemies. Much like the Outpost Camp and the Vehicular Committee, I’ve got a pack of riflemen guarding my most important discoveries and experiments from unwanted interlopers.
MiniFear The Ministry of Fear, I should say. Not as bad as it sounds, but certainly a drag on most of my proceedings. Anyhow, this is where the Republic’s finest warriors lounge about before battle, and also where we keep our most dangerous and important weaponry. As its drab appearance can testify, there really isn’t much else to say about it.
MiniDes Meh, the Ministry of Despair. Now, don’t be put off by it’s name, as this is just where we put in calls and junk for ‘Protocols’, gather intelligence in the field, and allows us access to some of the more interesting pieces that we have over the fence, per say.
MiniHum Our final ministry, so far, is the ever so humble Ministry of Humility, and just so you know, I didn’t get a say in naming it. Anyway, these MiniHum buildings act as forward outposts for our army, in lieu of an actual Apathetic Embassy. Each of these MiniHum outposts can support a couple of defences, and a building or two, allowing my generals to start opening up new fronts against our enemies.
Lassitude Device A simple building, with a simple purpose, really. The thing houses a machine, which I believe is based on some form of World War Two tech, with more modern computing grafted throughout it. Anyway, it uses its computing ability to generate special wavelengths, that act like RADAR, in away. Not only does it reveal enemy troops on the battlefield, although not their buildings, it also instills a temporary form of Apathy in said troops - they become slower, less effective, and it’s easier to break their moral, although, as I’ve said, it’s a very temporary effect.
Ministry of Apathy Ah, my Ministry of Apathy. You might call it Orwellian, but I call it the latest face of progress. This fine building houses a gateway into the heart of the Timeslash - My Timeslash. The Timeslash, it talks to me, tells me things, shows me what it can be used for; great things, friend. Terrible things. When activated, almost nothing can survive the light of the Timeslash, and even if anything did survive, I doubt it would be either recognizable or even cognizant of its current situation. And it’s not just enemy troops that are affected; It ravages the land something terrible, churning the ground into boiling mud and glass, reducing stone to ashes, and turning metal into molten slag. It… draws me in. It… scares me, but I can’t refuse it’s draw. And besides, I can’t risk not using it, even if my fellow rulers call me a monster for doing so. Who knows what depravities and vile horrors our enemies would dredge up in order to destroy our Republic? One can’t simply risk it. Perhaps it’s lucky for our enemies that the Ministry of Apathy is completely destroy once its unleashed the force of the Timeslash. Lucky for them indeed...


“Of course, what good’s a foothold if we ain’t got nothing to protect it with?”

Ivory Wall Walls of stone and ivory bone, these keep any unwanted intruders out of our bases.
Ebony Gate And these gates give my troops an access point in the wall. Simple enough, I suppose.
High Ace Tower Simplistic towers, these things serve as conduits for the corruption of the Timeslash, and serve as simply another way for me to spread the corruption further afield.
Dead Hearts Bunker Basic bunker complexes for the Republic’s troops, of which about two squads can hold out in, these places come equipped with a little something I call an ‘Apathetic Resonator’. While not that deadly to infantry, these things wreak havoc on enemy vehicles and even planes, making it our go to defence when dealing with enemy armour and all that sort of noise.
Electro-Therapeutic Tower A strange device, but surprisingly useful. Similar in effect to the Red’s Tesla Coils, except instead of frying enemy troops, it electrifies our own! Sound’s a lot dodgier than it is. Essentially, it can electrocute our troops and vehicles, giving them an electromagnetic shield, at least until it gets shot through. It’s nice while it lasts, though, but hey, isn’t that the truth in all things?
Loathing Encampment Eh, nothing much to write home about, to be kind-of honest. A bunker complex, with a bunch of AA Guns stapled to it, and a couple of machine guns lodged in it for good measure, it’ll keep infantry and aircraft busy. It can also house about a squad's worth of troops in it, all of whom can also fire out.
Topor Cannonade Emplacement An oversized array of cannons, packing what I think are high explosive frag shells, and they can lob them at quite a distance at anyone coming towards us. However, these things are about as inaccurate as the Alliance’s definition of ‘peace’ is, meaning that they may-might catch some of our own troops in their overzealous death rain. Just a word of caution, you know.


“We have numbers, weapons, the Timeslash. So what if the fucking Fascists have a… whatever a Vacuum Imploder is! We’ll make them bleed for every centimetre that anyone tries to take from me...Yeah, I mean us, Golda. Christ sakes…”

Shagfoal Large horse-dog-seal hybrids, I’ve found literal herds of these things all across the English north, and I’ve had some of them tamed for use in the Apathetic Army. They’re decent at hunting down any spies or such that might be in our midsts, and it’s creepy seal parts allow it hunt as effectively in the water as it can on land.
Lord Orphaner The standard soldier from across the Republic, mostly made out of remnants of the British Army, the Israeli Defence Force, and the American National Guard. An eclectic bunch, we managed to get AR-15’s into most of their hands, and frag grenades as well, which makes them semi-decent against most forms of enemy infantry. Now, to save some time, we’ve also given some mortars as well, which they can set up to serve as some form of light artillery in little deployable bunker things, which makes them deadlier against tanks and walls, but leaves them open to infantry attacks and unable to move to chase enemies. Kind-of a shame, but hey, what can you do?
Smiling Jacks Huh, kicking it old school, eh? These guys are armed with some form of anti-material rifle... wait, does an anti-tank rifle count as an anti-material rifle? I don’t know either way, but these rifles fire .50 cal bullets generously infused with residue from the Timeslash, meaning that they can punch through even the heaviest of armour, and knock planes out of the sky. This lot’s surprisingly fast on the move, but they’re slow taking aim, and it’s a single-shot gun as well. Slow to reload, but I suppose the power behind each shot’s kind-of worth it.
Renegades Ignore the name, ‘cause these are our engineers on the field. With the training, skills, and tools needed to claim buildings and repair junk, they’re an alright bunch. Bit ditzy, but hey, you work with what you’re supplied with. Not a lot more to say about this lot, to be honest.
Liston Student Now, I ain’t a doctor, but I think you need anesthetic when you do an amputation… These ‘surgeons’ are trained to maintain my troops on the battlefield, and get them back into combat... mostly in one piece. They’re fast to get to any danger zone on the battlefield, and they’re just as willing to take potshots with their revolver rifle at anyone who’ll try and stop them ‘helping’ their patient.
Masked Soul Ech, lumbering brutes that we brought over from a bunch of prisons across what was once France, these iron-masked soldiers are armed with heavy... carryable Gatling Guns, and are dressed in fancy French clothes. They can soak-up a lot of damage, and they can lay plenty of bullets, to keep cretinous soldiers down in the dirt, like they should be. Oh, also, these Masked Souls are dangerous alright, and practical masters at what I think’s called Walking Fire, so enemy infantry, beware.
Loupgarou More stuff we’ve had shunted over from the parts of France that aren’t on fire or overrun with Germans, these Loupgarous are sort-of like wolf people, as in, anthropomorphic wolf lady people. I might not be making myself absolutely clear on this matter - these are lady wolf people, and they’re savage as fu- I mean, they’re quite animalistic on the battlefield, let’s just say. Claws, jaws, and always accompanied by a...brood, I think, of savage wolf pups, that can also savage anyone that crosses their path to death. Fast as, I dunno, a wolf normally is, these furries can take down any enemy soldiers. Shame that they ain’t got no range outside of melee, though, but c’est la vie and all that.
Clearshot Everyone needs snipers, in one form or another, right? These Clearshots are our snipers. They’re a grim lot, very angsty, and that’s even by my standards. They’ve got their grubby little hands on some Parker Hale m82’s. So they’re decent enough, for snipers that is. They also have a revolver to fight with when on the move, and the have a special... magazine? Clip? Whatever, of bullets, which they can use to mark out enemy troops and such for the rest of the Apathetic Army - anything the designated enemy soldier sees, we see. Problem is that those bullets will automatically alert everyone nearby to the Clearshot’s position, so I’m guessing they might not live long if my commanders ain’t careful with them.
MetroPo DCI Political Commissars? I don’t see any political commissars. I’m certainly not using the remnants of the Metropolitan Police Force as an improvised Gestapo, and I’m certainly not having them purging my enemies from the Republic and capture them for horrific experiments... Alright, alright, I’m joshing you. These MetroPo DCI’s are used to keep some semblance of law and order within the ranks of the Apathetic Army. They’re a bunch of no-nonsense killjoys at worse, but they’re excellent at keeping moral within the Army, and their skills at covering crime scenes also allows them to discover when we have unwanted interlopers in our midsts. They’re alright, but they ain’t a bunch I’d have a drink with.
Reflection What, you think I’d pass up the opportunity to merge the remnants of the CIA, Mossad, and MI6 into my own Apathetic Spy program? Nah, I’ve merged them, and then some. These Reflections are our way of getting into places where we ain’t wanted, and get what we need. Fast, stealthy, and deadly, these blank-faced suits can easily assassinate enemy troops and officers with their silenced Mac-10’s and their Krav Maga skills. It’s just a shame that animals seem to be able to constantly discover them, despite their literally shadowy nature.
Wandering Mourners Special forces galore, my friend, taken from the likes of Japan and the Us. These Wandering Mourners are quite something to behold when fighting, and sometimes when they ain’t fighting... but I digress. They’re armed with decent assault rifles, damn if I know what type, though, and a slew of corrupting Timeslash grenades, both of which are killer against infantry and garrisons. They spend most of their time stealthed, but just ,like the Reflections, a lot of animals can find them
Death Angel Yeah, they have a better name in Hebrew, and yeah, I read the Torah when I younger, but I don’t know how to speak Hebrew, and I really don’t want-to learn. These Death Angels soar above the battlefield on raven-like wings, led by Golda’s boyfriend - no matter how hard she denies it - Azrael. Yeah, yeah, Angels and stuff. Anyway, these Death Angels are armed with burning and poisoned swords, and some form of heat-based energy weapon that can melt people and burn vehicles, or something along those lines. This lot likes to stay airborne, but they can land if they really need to, for medical attention or stuff, but they move slow as hell on land. I will say, though, that their outfit and light show attacks are quite pretty to watch, so that’s nice for them, I suppose.

Army of the Quartz Clique

"You wanna know what the Timeslash can do? You don't wanna know what the Timeslash can do. You wanna know what creatures I control? You don't wanna know what creatures I control..."


"I don't know a lot about tanks and artillery, really. What's the diff between a mortar and a howitzer, anyway?"


"I do sometimes get tired of the fun on the dry land, but seriously, screw the Ocean. Horrifying creatures, like whales live in the Ocean. It's scary, to be honest."


"I once had practical dominion over the the burning skies, at least until I ended up in the crosshairs. Hopefully, I can claim some new skies to for my use."

Heroes and Epic Unit

"They're great at what they do, I suppose. Still not the type I'd drink with."

Assassination Target

"Yeah, I'm sure no-one will try and take it down, no-one at all... Yes, I'm being sarcastic..."