Anti-Tank Drone

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Country of Origin  Union of Soviet Socialist Republcics USSRthumb.gif
Produced at  Kazminov Design Bureau, Kiev
Key Features  » Iridium-plated Dismantler Claws (4)
 » Zmeika Electro-Stasis Ray
 » Light weight composite armour plating
 » Fully articulated mechanical legs
 » Oversized optics (adorable)
ATD-3 Anti-Tank Drone
Terror Drone.png
Anti-Tank drone on patrol
Faction CominternLogoThumb.png Communist International
Unit Type Drone
Designation Anti-Tank
Production Building Drone Kennel
Secondary Ability Stasis ray
Cost 300
Production Time 5 seconds
Heroic Upgrade Super-powered legs (can leap much farther at targets, even attacking low flying aircraft such as helicopters and flying infantry)
Dev. Status

Tactical Analysis

  • Too fast: The Anti-Tank Drone is one of the fastest ground combatants in any army. Able to outrun many kinds of helicopter and chase down just about any kind of vehicle in service, the Anti-Tank Drone is also fitted with large optics that allow it to see a substantial area around itself, making it an excellent scout; and it's hardly any slower in the water. Targets seeking to flee the gaze of the drone will quickly find that its electrostasis ray will prevent any such attempts at escape.
  • Too furious: The Anti-Tank Drone is a terror for the operators of vehicles and infantry alike. Able to slip its way on board of almost any vehicle or simply claw open most infantry, the Anti-Tank Drone cannot be dealt with by the crew of a vehicle once inside and will tear the vehicle apart from within unless repairs are made. Even warships are not safe from this process, and the more drones are used the faster the vehicle is destroyed.
  • Too Fragile: Anti-Tank drones however, are very fragile and can be brought down by small arms. While able to dodge around most heavy weapons, explosives are well suited for dealing with their evasive abilities and will shred them, and autocannon fire in particular will obliterate them. They cannot attack air units or and their equipment is poorly suited for dealing with the concrete of structures. They are also poorly matched for battlesuits, most of which can stop the drone from entering the suit and force the drone to try and swipe at the suit wielder with its claws, a losing prospect when the limb claws were made for lighter infantry.
  • (Not) too Far: During the third world war, losses of anti-tank drones to low flying aircraft and flying infantry units were severe. Enough so that drone handlers began to petition to the Kazmizov bureau to find a way to save their rambunctious comrades from the depredations of air units or transformers such as the VX. The bureau came out with an upgrade suite able to let the drone leap high into the air with pinpoint accuracy; not only increasing its threat range but letting them attack lower flying aircraft; surely dooming them. This suite is still quite time consuming to implement, so it is saved for the drones with the most developed "experiences" in their machine learning matrices.


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