Ampere Trooper

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Tactical Analysis

  • Balled Lightning: Armed with an updated version of the original shock trooper weapon system from World War II, the Ampere Trooper is able to short out enemy armor as well as stun enemy infantry from a distance, without the slow movement of the Tesla Trooper.
  • Grounded: When the trooper is in extreme danger, they can use their weapon's upgrades to ground themselves, allowing them to send a massive electrical shock that not only stuns the enemy, but causes massive damage as well.
  • Slow Connection: Due to the upgrades, the Ampere trooper isn't exactly fast on the field, and their weapon is only deadly when the user grounds themselves to prevent being electrocuted.
  • System Shock: With enough modification, Ampere troopers can eventually modify their packs to short out the complex systems that govern base defenses and structures.


Excerpt from ACIN File: HEPHAESTUS-A2

Notes: We're getting concerned now. They've brought back another "classic" from WWII, the shock trooper's mobile Tesla pack. It was fine when these people were just dregs and rejects, now they're actually getting money and respect. We've had embedded agents observing what's been happening at their testing grounds, they've reported the new "Ampere" shock pack has twice the range of the original. The only blessing is that the user needs to make sure they're grounded to actually make the thing a threat to our forces.

I told you that these idiots were getting too good. First they manage to actually improve on the ADK, now we have to worry about a more mobile Tesla trooper. Even if our information is suffering from whisper down the lane, the basic fact is that these ones are succeeding in an area we though he had secured. International incidents be damned, we have to shut them down.

Analysis: The nanban are worried, and so we should be as well. This "TSEL" was a minor problem in the last war, but if ACIN is to be believed they are growing into something more troublesome. Our shinobi stand ready to annihilate their facilities on your orders, my lord.