American Confederate States (TUE)

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United Christian Confederated States of North America
The Cross of St. Andrew, Battle Standard of the South
Playstyle Shock and Awe
Faction Colour Old Gold
Type TUE Concordiatverse Minor/Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now I'm found,
Was blind, but now, I see.

- Amazing Grace - often sung by Confederate citizens and soldiers during the Alien Wars

The United Christian Confederated States of North America, Confederated States of America (CSA) or American Confederate States (ACS), or just Confederates is a minor/major faction of the Concordiatverse within "The Universal Emergency" multiverse. Currently-recognised government of the Remnants of America following the Alien Wars and the occupation of the majority of Northern America by the Fylkirate. Controlling the South, elements of the Midwest and Northeast as well as Mexico and colonies in Cuba and the Carribbean, the Confederates seek to return to the glorious America they commanded before the collapse of the Directorate, the Alien Wars and the rise of the Fylkirate into a truly global power. The CSA emerged victorious from a brutal and bloody American Civil War defeating the Union through a combination of grit, determination and material and technological support from the Directorate. The CSA would then go on to join the Directorate and become its eighth nation. Having withdrawn from the Directorate following its disintegration in the aftermath of the Alien Wars, the Confederates now stand as the last Directorate nation in the face of enemies both new and old. The rise of the Concordiat in the place of the Directorate, the spread of the Fylkirate across Northern America and the emergence of internal revolt in the form of the Unionists has forced the Confederate leadership in Atlanta to reevaluate their view on the world and both isolate themselves more from the 'lesser peoples' who infect every continent

Whilst not as numerous as it's enemies, Atlanta eyes Northern America as it's next target to once again bring about it's Manifest Destiny and prepares the men and women of America for the next great war. From the open plantation fields, to the dense industrial quarters of the Confederate States, the drums of war now beat. Ford and Lee tanks roll off the production line almost hourly and both Citizens and Slaves enrol themselves in service, seeking to defend the last true bastion of Order, Civilisation and Religion.

The Confederated States of America will ensure its survival and its Armoured Divisions and great fleets of the Air and Sea shall carve a new order into the history books. A new order where America shall stand tall and proud, and its enemies smited by her holy wrath.

At a Glance

Faction Color
Playstyle Shock and Awe
Theatre of Operations Prairies and open fields
Strengths Heavy and tough Armoured Divisions and powerful Ships/Aircraft. Focus on tough and dependable units with tried and true battle tactics.
Weaknesses Vehicles and Ships tend to sacrifice speed and range for armour and close-range firepower. Roster is limited as CSA is a minor power and not on the same scale as the other Major Concordiatverse powers. Aircraft are often similar in terms of speed to vehicles. Limited long-range damage units with the exception of artillery.
Motives Evangelism, Xenophobia, Patriotism, Survival, Supremacy, God.


Confederated Now, Confederated Forever

Under God Our Vindicator

Sons and Daughters of God Unite!

Once Again in the Steps of Our Fathers

In God and America We Trust

Christian Armies of the United Confederated States of America


Confederate Command Bastion
Atomic Reactor
Confederate War Convent In this facility, Confederate infantry are equipped and trained in order to be deployed to various battlezones where the enemies of God's Nation require smiting.
Vehicle Manufactory
Mason-Dixon Blockhouse
Hall of the Confederate Fathers


Johnny Riflemen Squad Basic Confederate Soldiers, armed with faith, a gas mask, decent carapace armour, a repeating rifle and pioneer equipment, these men make up the core of the Christian Armies. Whilst in battle their armour and damage make up for their lack of range and speed, the Riflemen can dig their own foxholes, which whilst rendering them immobile, grants them significant resistance to enemy fire as well as making them harder to target for artillery.
Emancipators Squad Former slaves conscripted to serve in the Christian Armies, Emancipators serve as snipers for the Confederate cause. Offered ten acres of land & a mule following their ten year service, they seek to eliminate the enemies of the Confederacy and win respect in the eyes of their former Confederate masters. The Emancipators boast a longer range yet lack basic camouflage, however, they can utilise their labour skills to dig a sniper nest which whilst rendering them immobile, protects them from the naked eyes of their enemies.
Evangelists Servants of the Churches of the Confederacy, Evangelists march to war dressed in their traditional priestly robes wielding their trusty bible and a shotgun for protection. Infantry units within range of the Evangelist receive an armour boost and the Evangelist can read scripture from his various assortment of Christian texts to heal nearby allies.
Armoured Infantry Wearing heat-protected Kevlar steel armour developed by the Confederacy during the Alien Wars, the AIs are an attempt by the Confederates to deploy heavy infantry on a larger, more conventional scale. The AI wield repeater-grenade launchers and are best used in conjunction with Ford and Lee tanks in assaults.
Armoured Patriot Wearing the heaviest power-armour yet to be deployed by the Confederates in decent numbers, the AP is a testament to the strength of the CSA's faith in God. Armed with a heavy LMG, shoulder-mounted grenade launcher, left armed scattergun and Confederate flag, the AP assaults enemy fortifications with fervour and faith, preaching lines from the gospel. As a secondary, the AP can launch gas grenades designed to degarrison enemy buildings whilst its scattergun decimates enemy infantry.


Jackson Construction and Logistics Truck The builders of Confederate bases and defensive lines, the Jackson is a 8x8 behemoth carrying all the neccessary equipment to erect Confederate buildings and defences and spread the will of God's Own Nation to a world overtaken by barbarity, paganism and bloodletting.
Forrest Ore Truck A Tracked and armoured truck, the Forrest is tasked with gathering resources for the Confederate war effort. The Forrest also doubles as a repair truck and can deploy, allowing it to repair allied vehicles and providing a use for it following the drying up of resources.
Stuart Light Assault Tank Built on a downsized Ford tank chassis with a larger engine, the Stuart is armed with an 20mm autocannon and 0.5 cal machine gun and is tasked with hunting down infantry and engaging in raiding and skirmishing. Affectionately known as the 'Pill Tank' to Confederate soldiers for it's Pillbox like quantities, the Stuart can also carry a squad of Confederate infantry to battle on its hull.
Ford Tank The main battle tank of the CSA military forces, the Ford has access to strong slopped armour which leads it to sacrifice some speed as well as gun size. Whilst often able to outlast its opponents in direct confrontations thanks to its armour, the Ford is afflicted with a weak main gun. When the need arises, Ford crews are able to overload their main gun and fire a succession of three shots quickly, however, they are then forced to wait for the gun to cool before firing again.
Lee Gatling Tank Unlike the Stuart, which is designed for early skirmishes, the Lee takes anti-infantry weapons to the next level. Armed with a downgraded Missionary Vulcan Chain Gun, and rounds and rounds of belt-fed ammunition, the Lee boasts a rotatable turret and speeds just over that of the Ford, allowing it to support its Ford contemporary with anti-Infantry and light vehicle warfare, boasting a cannon that can shred most infantry and light vehicle armour like it was paper.
Stonewall Mortar Carrier A modified Lee Chassis equipped with a mortar turret, the Stonewall fires mortar shells and operates as a support artillery piece to Confederate Cavalry Divisions. The Stonewall can also act as a target designator, allowing it to target enemy units and/or structures increasing the accuracy of other Stonewalls as well as their damage towards that target.
Davis APC A tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier, the Davis can carry two infantry squads or 1 squad of power armoured soldiers and is armed with weapon slots, allowing its passengers to fire out at enemy forces. The Davis sacrifices comfort and speed for armour and the safety of its passengers. It also has the ability to deploy and utilise a machine gun, however it sacrifices its garrison ability.
Smith Breakthrough Tank The heavy tank of the Confederation, Smith has enlarged Ford chassis to carry more armor all round, the main 120mm gun build into the hull that can prove faithful to many ground vehicles in the world, and smaller turret mounted on top that functions both as an observation and rangefinder post, and small 76mm gun to fend off infantry and light vehicles that would try to flank it. Smith Tank is a monster on the battlefield, which has only two flaws; not every commander can afford more of them, and it is crawling pretty slow for the increased weight. The tank commanders are authorized to use their small supply of nuclear shells to demolish anything that gets too tough for them.
Vindicator Tornado Tank Blessed by a Priest of the Epsicopal Church before entering into battle, the Vindicator is a Ford tank chassis equipped with weather control devices that enable it to create small tornadoes that rip through enemy lines, causing untold destruction. Whilst a tornado is being deployed, the Vindicator must remain idle, leaving it open to attack from enemy forces.
Jefferson Strategic Nuclear Artillery A massive tracked bombard, the Jefferson fires nuclear tipped shells which are extremely destructive to enemy bases, unit groups and super units. The blast radius of the shells can even catch low-flying helicopters and aircraft. Its only the long relaod time of the gun that is the reason Jefferson didnt already destroyed all enemies of the Confederacy.


(multirole jet, F-4 Phantom + F-15 Eagle)
Missionary Attacker
Pickett Heavylift Chopper
Stephens Attack Helicopter
"..." Cargo Plane


"..." Gunboat
Benjamin Missile Submarine
Georgiana Cruiser (heavy cruiser or battlecruiser)
Brooke Long Range Submarine

Commando and Unique Units

"..." Gunboat (commando)

States of the Confederation





North Carolina

South Carolina








New Mexico

Old Mexico











Behind the Scenes

  • The Confederated States of America draws inspiration from a variety of sources including both the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave from Fallout, the American Confederacy from European Conflict and the United Republic from March of War. Patriotic and Religious to the core, the Confederates worship their victory in the American Civil War and have deified many of their war heroes both as religious figures, as well as naming many of their weapons of war after the heroes of the Confederacy. A bastion of Christianity beset by godless Unionists and Pagan Norse, religion and patriotism seeps to the core of the Confederacy and can be found across the entirety of Confederate Society- whether in building/unit names, unit dialogue or inscribed upon buildings and vehicles.
  • Ideologically the ACS draws from the ideas of the IRL-CSA in terms of carving out a Christian nation guided by Christian Principles and Values. Whilst Xenophobia and WASP values dictate the sentiment of the Confederacy to a large extent, and the Episcopal Church, as well as other Protestant groups hold sway. The rise of the Unionists, African-American Slave Revolts and the influx of many immigrant groups including Irish Catholics and Norse Pagans amongst others have led the Confederacy to offer freedom and a protected status in exchange for 10 years service within the Christian Armies, granting many of these disenfranchised groups a sort of Second-Class Citizenship. The Confederacy is a complicated beast, twisted by wars with the Alien powers, its own sycophantic religious motivation and its natural distrust for all things foreign, and it would be unwise to simply stereotype it as a White AmeriKKKa.