African Worker's Organization

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African Worker's Organization
Playstyle Bush War
Faction Colour Juniper
Type Blue Alert Null Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

The African Worker's Organization ,or AWO, is a minor faction in Blue Alert 3 Paradox. It will be featured in several missions, on skirmish maps and as a possible sub-faction for the Revolutionary Vanguard. The AWO is an organization supported by the communist states of Africa as well as Africans abroad whose goal is to achieve full and total independence for every colony remaining on the African continent as well as the promotion of socialist values on the continent. It is especially active in Azania, where the battle to free southern Africa from the allies still rages.

At A Glance

Faction Color Juniper
Playstyle Bush War
Theatre of Operations Savannahs & Veldts
Strengths Hard-hitting Firepower, All Units Highly Evasive
Weaknesses Few Good Air Assault units, Weak Support Infantry
Motives Independence, Unity, Socialism, Rise in Living Standards
Basic Look


African Worker's Trans-Liberation Army


Compound A large building complete with a personnel barracks, vehicle garage, dirt runway & machine gun emplacements. Capturing this building gives access to the full APO arsenal. This multi-purpose facility is used for purchasing units & upgrades.
Storage Bin The storage bin is the APO's storage site for ore, some of which is sold to generate funds while the rest used to make weaponry, equipment and vehicles for the APO.
Shaft Mine Shaft mines are resource gathering buildings that can be built anywhere on the map. These mines run deep down into the earth, allowing greater amounts of ore and gems to be found. However, due to the difficulty of transporting said minerals to the surface, it generates resources at one-third of the regular rate of ore collectors and other buildings of the type.


Rhinocerous These large horned mammals have been adopted by the AWO for use as shock troopers. Armed with a fierce horn and massive strength, the rhino charges into battle, goring infantrymen and overturn light vehicles & battlesuits. The AWO has also fastened sheets of ceramics to the beast to act as body armor for its already tough hide. The Rhino can also sniff out would be infiltrators, altering AWO soldiers to possible threats.
AWO Ranger AWO Rangers use their experience and assault rifles with underslung shotguns to dish out great anti infantry firepower at all ranges. AWO Rangers can throw incendiery grenades to burn out targets in an area
Kalahari Missiles Kalahari Missilel Troops make use of the M60 "Guardian" Missile launcher effective against aircraft and armoured vehicles. Kalahari Missiles can also fire concussion rockets especially effective against enemies in cover; stunning surviving infantry.
Gunner Ranger Gunner Rangers make use of M-60 machine guns to lay down suppressive fire, and are able to load up a belt of incendiery ammunition to deal burn damage until they run out
Mortar Ranger The AWO Mortar Rangers make use of incendiery mortars that can smoke enemies out of their holes and burn parts of the forest, and are able to launch flares to give vision, illumination, and make it easier to spot enemy units caught in the glare.
Shock Ranger Powerful AWO assault troops equipped with powerful tesla weapons, Shock Rangers can clear dug in enemies out and lock down and fry enemy vehicles while they shrug off incoming shots with their armour, and are able to continually electrocute a target; immobilising it and doing continual damage while secondary electrical arcs emerge from the foe.
Engineer Ranger Engineer rangers use shotguns and entrenchment tools to seize positions for the AWO and defusing traps and mines when they come across them.
Ranger Commander Elite and skilled Commander units for the AWO, Ranger Commanders make use of battlesuits with an arm mounted Collider cannon and a powerfist for melee and the ability to generate electrosphere defenses to protect their comrades from incoming fire while they coordinate and guide them to better results.


HMMV A fast American made combat car armed with a tesla capacitator effective against infantry, the HMMV is fast and can fire a Dragonblaster missile if it confronts something too dangerous for its liking; and may also release flares to spot wide areas of the field.
Mogadishu Tank Handed down from the Revolutionary Congress, the Mogadishu is a fast and light combat vehicle with front mounted mine flails and stealth detection systems perfect for rooting out traps and sneaks. They can also designate targets for the rest of the army to deal with.
Dole War Rover Heavy HMMVs made by Liberia's growing automotive industries, the Dole War Rover brings fast missile support to wherever its needed The Dole comes packing a heavy missile system capable of both surface-to-surface & surface-to-air engagements and can launch a burst missile to blow apart a wide area.
Button Spider Able to speedily traverse the battlefield thanks to a set of eight legs, the Button Spider combines the best mobility of a walker with the strength of a battlesuit. It comes armed with a buzzsaw capable of tearing through vehicles like paper and a tesla coil that fires offs beams of high voltage electrical discharge.
Shaka Tank The main battle tank of the AWO, the Shaka Tank is fast and agile and packs a powerful smoothbore cannon capable of punching through most armour it encounters in the fields of Africa and even more worrying for its foes is the ability to temporarily engage a hyper-mobility mode where it can go in any direction it wishes without rotating its chassis or slowing down.
Armadillo Transport The toughest transport the AWO has access to, the Armadillo packs two flamethrowers and room for up to four squads who can shelter inside and if that weren't enough; it can reveal grinders to chew through obstacles.
Impi Artillery Feared as the "Grid eraser" due to the destructive power of the rockets it launches en masse, the Impi Artillery can plaster large sections of the battlefield in an MRLS barrage that can sweep whole units off the grid every time it readies a burst. They can also fire thermobaric missiles that will collapse the cover they strike and torch enemies caught by the heat.
Ontos II Tank Destroyer Packing six tesla arc cannons, the Ontos II can virtually evaporate any tank it encounters with deadly bursts of electricity that immobilise as well as damage their targets. The Ontos II can also cause an electricial cascade that will jump from target to target; damaging and EMPing everything it strikes.

Deathmatch Reinforcements

Revolutionary International Military Reinforcements

These forces can be called upon during Minor Faction Deathmatch. When the going gets tough for the APO, they call on assistance from a strike team of elite RIM troopers. Entirely air-mobile and well armed, this force is perfect for clearing the kommandos out.

Blood Panther
Buffalo Soldier
Good Reverend
Redtail Fighter Fighters retired by the American military, WIP
Tuskegee Bomber

Behind the Scenes