African Worker's Organization

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African Worker's Organization
Playstyle Bush War
Faction Colour Juniper
Type Blue Alert Null Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

The African Worker's Organization ,or AWO, is a minor faction in Blue Alert 3 Paradox Null. It will be featured in several missions, on skirmish maps and as a possible sub-faction for the Revolutionary Vanguard. The AWO is an organization supported by the communist states of Africa as well as Africans abroad whose goal is to achieve full and total independence for every colony remaining on the African continent as well as the promotion of socialist values on the continent.

At A Glance

Faction Color Juniper
Playstyle Bush War
Theatre of Operations Savannahs & Veldts
Strengths Hard-hitting Firepower, All Units Highly Evasive
Weaknesses Few Good Air Assault units, Weak Support Infantry
Motives Independence, Unity, Socialism, Rise in Living Standards
Basic Look


African Worker's Trans-Liberation Army


Compound A large building complete with a personnel barracks, vehicle garage, dirt runway & machine gun emplacements. Capturing this building gives access to the full APO arsenal. This multi-purpose facility is used for purchasing units & upgrades.
Storage Bin The storage bin is the APO's storage site for ore, some of which is sold to generate funds while the rest used to make weaponry, equipment and vehicles for the APO.
Shaft Mine Shaft mines are resource gathering buildings that can be built anywhere on the map. These mines run deep down into the earth, allowing greater amounts of ore and gems to be found. However, due to the difficulty of transporting said minerals to the surface, it generates resources at one-third of the regular rate of ore collectors and other buildings of the type.


Rhinocerous These large horned mammals have been adopted by the AWO for use as shock troopers. Armed with a fierce horn and massive strenth, the rhino charges into battle, goring infantrymen and overturn light vehicles & battlesuits. The AWO has also fastened sheets of metal to the beast to act as body armor for its already tough hide.
Mau Mau
Kalahari Astronaut
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Deathmatch Reinforcements

African Liberation Panthers of America

Made up of black servicemen and volunteers from the Americas, the BLPA has been deployed alongside the Comintern's African allies to liberate the continent. WIP

Blood Panther
Buffalo Soldier
Good Reverend
Redtail Fighter Fighters retired by the American military, WIP
Tuskegee Bomber

Behind the Scenes