African People's Organization

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African People's Organization
Playstyle Fakeout
Faction Colour Juniper
Type Null Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"So softly they moan, please leave us alone
As back and forth they are pacing.
And they cover their ears and try not to hear
With pillows of silk they're embracing.
And the crackling crowd is laughing out loud,
peeking in at the target they're chasing.
Now trembling inside the ringing of revolution."

- Ringing of Revolution, sung by APO troops when raiding South African & Rhodesian farmers

The African People's Organization or APO for short is an alliance of several communist groups operating across the African continent. Their ultimate goal is the creation of the United African Collective, a continent-wide supranational union designed to free the oppressed black proletariat while preserving traditional culture and keeping Africa free of Moscow's grubby hands. The APO, like the Vietcong & the MIR, is aided by friendly local nations such as Liberia and Sierra Leone who allow them to set up bases within their borders. These allies also help train and supply the APO & sometimes even fight alongside them in battle. The APO is a fan faction created by Cervantes99 and Weeb King.

At A Glance

Faction Color Juniper
Playstyle Fakeout
Theatre of Operations Villages & Roadsides
Strengths Cheap but Sturdy Aircraft, Infantry Excel at their Roles
Weaknesses Few Land-based Heavy Weapons or Heavy Infantry, Weak Anti-Air Capabilities,
Motives Independence, Unity, Socialism, Rise in Living Standards
Basic Look Radical leftist African revolutionary groups (Umkhonto we Sizwe, MPLA, FRELIMO, etc.)


The Dark Continent is Blood Red

It comes as no surprise that communism's emphasis on anti-imperialism struck many chords with many whose lands are colonies of another power. As a matter of fact, the Soviet Union became the primary source of support for numerous independence movements, with some even adding the installation of Marxist-Leninist states to their endgoals. This, of course, soured themselves in the eyes of the Allied Nations, causing the colonial powers (which are, well, Allied core members) to crack down on these insurgencies, using the expulsion or even massacres of white civilians as a casus belli.

What really cemented Peacekeeper deployment against these rebels was their blatant ties to notorious revolutionary Che Guevara. After he helped Fidel Castro depose the Batista regime in Cuba, he traveled to the Congo in 1965 to assist Laurent-Désiré Kabila's Simba rebels. His attempt to return to Cuba thwarted by Allied spies, his stay in Africa was extended, long enough that he was able to reshape the Congolese fighters into a competent fighting force. Soon, they were able to succesfully hold the line against Legion mercenaries in northern Congo, even after Patrice Lumumba was arrested.

Emboldened by the small victory the Simbas managed to attain, anti-colonial rebels began contacting Guevara for assistance. He quickly involved himself with FRELIMO in Mozambique and the MPLA in Angola, which sent contacts to Portuguese Guinea in hopes of forming a unified African nationalist movement. The Union of African Socialist Republics in West Africa intervened even more in conflicts across the continent, and eastern Africa found itself beset with radicals who wish to spread socialism across the horn. Even in the south, Umkhonto no Sizwe disavowed Nelson Mandela for 'being seduced by Geneva's neo-colonialists', and attacks against South African Reservists became more common.

However, the African League's message of pan-Africanism was spat out by the nascent Organização de Pessoas Africanas, or 'African People's Organization as José Eduardo dos Santos called it, the name stuck. Viewing communism as yet another outside influence that must be wiped off Africa, the Panafrican Divisions wasted no time combating the APO as they wrestle with Allied African Command and the Syndicate for the soul of civilization's cradle. The League's vision, dos Santos contends, is nothing but thinly-veiled colonialism antithetical to the pipe dream that is the United African Collective, where both the people's welfare and their traditions are free of foreign control. Both the Iron Fangs and Superb Solutions see the Simbas as nuisances, getting in the way of power and business.

Even after Guevara was assassinated by Tanya in South America, the APO fights on, feeling more emboldened to bring about the worker's revolution in Africa and kick out the imperialists - those from Moscow included.

APO Trans-Liberation Army

"Comrades, warriors, brothers, our beautiful homeland is a mess, there's just no way around it. In her west are the feudal fascists who dare say they are fighting for the freedom of Africans everywhere when they are just puppets of a far off island, in the east are the invaders from the subcontinent whom I had once hoped would join us in the struggle of impoverished nations but have since just become puppets themselves, this time to the very people who held both of our peoples down for decades. Even some of our once most trusted comrades like Mandela and Nasser have been seduced by the neo-colonialists in London. Things may seem bleak for us but our land is not yet lost. As long was we continue the struggle of the maroons in Jamaica, the hereros in Zambia and the mau maus in Kenya, our cause will never truly be lost! No matter how many Iron Fangs pierce our flesh, no matter how many terrorist bombs blow up our marketplaces, no matter how many of our brother are killed by Mr. Smith in Salisbury, Africa will never be lost!"

-José Eduardo dos Santos at the first APO National Congress in Conakry, Guinea


Compound A large building complete with a personnel barracks, vehicle garage, dirt runway & machine gun emplacements. Capturing this building gives access to the full APO arsenal. This multi-purpose facility is used for purchasing units & upgrades.
Shaft Mine Shaft mines are resource gathering buildings that can be built anywhere on the . These mines run deep down into the earth, allowing greater amounts of ore and gems to be found. Shaft Mines supply a steady stream of wealth to the commander who owns it and, once built, cannot be torn down, allowing it to be captured by the forces of other players.. However, due to the difficulty of transporting said minerals to the surface, it generates resources at one-third of the regular rate of ore collectors and other buildings of the type.
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Hyena The fruit of the APO's attempts at matching the trained animals of the major power, the Hyena proves more than a match to even the toughest Allied attack dogs. Armed with razor sharp teeth that can bite down with a force of over one thousand psi, this deadly but slow canine accompanies the APO on ambushses were it springs out from behind cover to cause disorder among the enemy's ranks.
Simba Defectors from various African militaries, simbas form the core of the APO's military forces. They wield copies of the ADK-45 made locally in APO compounds. The new weapons, dubbed "Assegai Rifles", benefit from extended magazine clips and increased range but can jam easily when fired too long. Unjamming the Assegai takes six seconds and the simba is defenseless while doing this. Simbas instantly start fixing their weapons when they jam but they can be set to automatically pull out their sidearm, a PM-63 pistol.
Jeunesse Youths under the influence of narcotics, the jeunesse are armed with submachine guns & machetes. Useful for quick raids early on, the jeunesse can take a shot of a special drug called "Karaba's Kiss" which increases the damage their weapons give off for 15 seconds with a 50 second recharge. Being young, Jeunesse are non-combatants and appear as civilians to enemies, allowing to launch ambushes on unsuspecting enemy patrols. But be wary, enemy commandos & spies can quickly neutralize their facades.
Mai Mai These militiamen from villages in APO-held territory carry old sporting rifles used for hunting big game like elephants & water buffalo. Mai Mai have the special ability to entrench themselves in trees creating a small gun emplacement called a tree stand. While in tree stand mode, the mai mai's gain a larger range as well as the ability to target aircraft with their high caliber hunting rifles.
Land Rover 4x4 land vehicles originally used by tourists for safaris, the Land Rover is now the offical vehicle of African communism. Armed with a heavy grenade launcher and able to hold four garrisoned personnel, the Land Rover is the king of the Africa's backcountry roads, able to harasse enemy patrols and stealthily retreat into the bush again.
Red Devil Armored Car "Red Devils" are construction vehicle chassis outfitted with armored plating and mounted with a heavy gun meant for an actual tank. Slow but cheap to produce, they are best deployed in groups of two or more to maximize the heavy firepower they provide. These motorized bunkers are good for creating a defensive perimeter around your base early on and as tank destroyers later on in the game. Because of their ramshackle design, the Red Devil can fool enemies into thinking it is a derelict vehicle and open fire when they least expect it.
Sibanda Attack Helicopter While the Sibanda may seem like the result of one too many shots of pombe, but be warned, the weapons of this cobbled-together mass of scrap metal, car doors & baby strollers is nothing to laugh about. As opposed to machine guns or missiles, the Sibanda's shoots glass containers filled with swarms of deadly malaria-infected mosquitoes. Those bitten by the bugs usually only survive for twenty seconds after infection while the mosquito swarms stay around for eight seconds after impact. Though deadly, the Sibanda is lightly armored and should not be under fire for long.
Baby Bomber The Baby Bomber is a civilian bush plane converted for military use. The Baby drops two small home made bombs at once and is armed with a light machine gun for use against other air units. Best used against defensively against base raids & offensively in support of advancing troops who can neutralize anti-air threats.

Deathmatch Reinforcements

African People's Volunteer Frontier Force

In times of trouble, the APO can call on the socialist governments already in power in Africa to come to their aid in the midst of battle. The African People's Volunteer Frontier Force (APVFF) is a multi-national force of best soldiers and equipment Red Africa has to offer. While originally planned to be incorporated into the Red Army as part of the failed ASR Initiative, the APVFF has become an miniature version of the Allied Reservists for the socialist states of Africa meant to defend against attempts to topple their governments. The APVFF provides the APO with badly-needed heavy vehicles.

Baoulé Grenadier Heavy infantry from Ivory Coast, the Baoulé come armed with the M1 Pokou Grenade Launcher, an original design hoped to spur a generation of locally made military hardware. The Baoulé benefits from a high rate of fire thanks to the Pokou's revolver-esque design as well as its light weight allowing the Baoulé to move around the battlefield quickly. They also come equipped with a bayoneted sub-machine gun as their side arm.
Button Spider Able to speedily traverse the battlefield thanks to a set of eight legs, the Button Spider combines the best mobility of a walker with the strength of a battlesuit. It comes armed with a buzzsaw capable of tearing through vehicles like paper and a tesla coil that fires offs beams of high voltage electrical discharge.
Dole War Rover Heavy jeeps made by Liberia's growing automotive industries, the Dole War Rover improves greatly on the Land Rover at the cost of a slight decrease in speed. Instead if a grenade launcher, the Dole comes packing a heavy missile system capable of both surface-to-surface & surface-to-air engagements.
Derg Tank Forced to flee Ethiopia in the face of Indian invasion, Derg tanks once made up the core of the communist insurgency in that country. Now incorporated into the APVA, the Dergs now use their 80mm guns to spread the revolution across Africa. Fast but lightly armored, these glass cannons the APO calls tanks can run circles around most other vehicles and flank stronger tanks from the sides & rear.
Popobawa Fighter-Bomber Hailing from Zanzibar, the Popobawa is a locally made copy of a Chinese variant of an obsolete Russian fighter plane, the MiG-9. Originally built as air-superiority fighters like their more famous cousins, the Popobawa have now been outfitted with bomb bay doors at the bottom of the aircraft. While it retains its anti-air weaponry, the Popobawa must deal with only being able to release on bomb at a time due to the generally smaller width of the plane. It has been deployed to great effect against League forces but could not stop the overthrow of Tanzania's communist government.
Mokèlé-mbèmbé During their attempts to support MIR guerrillas in Latin America, the communist states of West Africa were able to get their hands on some captured eugenics blueprints. Without the machinery or technology to perform eugenic engineering, the plans were left to gather dust in the University of Monrovia. Eventually, the Pangaeans began operations in Africa where several of their research personnel were taken prisoner by the APO in the Congo and forced to create prehistoric war machines for the enemy. The fruit of their efforts is the Mokèlé-mbèmbé, a fearsome hybrid of several sauropods with the head of an allosaurus and a personality to match. Able to withstand a beating thanks to its ankylosaurus style plating, the Mokèlé is capable of rampages that would put Sally to shame. However, the Mokèlé-mbèmbé can only be trained once per battle and costs a pretty penny so be wise when considering its deployment.

Behind the Scenes

The APO takes inspiration from the efforts of the Soviet Union & Red China to support communist governments in Africa as well as the idea of left-wing nationalism which combines Marxist ideology with patriotism for one's country. They also take influence from the video game Far Cry 2.